blahg-i-versary (a few months late)

Sometime last summer (July 22), I posted my 20th anniversary blahg entry. I can’t remember if I even knew what a blog was back in 2003 when I faaared this whole thing up. Mouse and I were at the cabin (she was still in high school) and Liz (going into her college sophomore year) and the GG were down on The Planet Ann Arbor. I have never been all that crazy about phone communication and we weren’t quite into the texting era yet so I created a web page and updated it every day with little tidbits about what happened on the beach. I think blogging software was available then but I rolled my own, painstakingly updating my html pages every day. html is easy and it is actually sorta zen when I do it at work. But it was annoying to do a blog that way.

In 2006, on or about the same day the Sterling Heights Bomb Squad came to pick up some dynamite from the neighbors’ basement, I moved to wordpress software and so was able to have actual commenters, etc. I have never had a lot of those and although I appreciate the comments I get, it’s all right. More than anything, my blahg is my own brain dump. (Me to the bomb squad police: Can I ask? Bomb squad guy: We’re just picking something up ma’am.)

I got an iPhone when they first came out (2007) and Twitter came along and after a while, I connected with a wonderful PacNW woman, Agate Gal. I figured out that she also had a blog and one day, perusing the comments, I found teacherwoman. I clicked over there and wouldn’t you know, she was posting that her daughter was going to an African country for graduate study. Worried? Yes. I would be too. In fact I was, a couple years before when my college junior went on study abroad to the same country. I am usually reluctant to comment on blogs but I felt compelled to say something like, “It’ll be okay”. Because I knew it would be and it was. Not everyone always replies to comments (I don’t always) but teacherwoman was blog cheetah 🤣. Turns out she started her blog the same year I did and we’ve been friends ever since we connected. Agate Gal, who went to high school with teacherwoman if I have it right, is also still a friend.

I do so miss the early days of my blahg when my brother and dad were still alive. Every once in a while my brother would guest blahg hilariously and my dad also although he didn’t necessarily know he was blahgging.

Love y’all, KW

P.S. The photooo is from a few days ago. We don’t have snow tonight.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Our blog histories are closely intertwined which is something I love about blogging. We do get to know each other well and develop friendships. These many years later I still appreciate your reassurance about Ashley’s stay in Senegal. After that she kept going back, even living there for a year on a Fulbright. By that time, I had concluded that she was in much more danger living in Los Angeles than in Dakar or the Casamance.