Our own personal pizzagate

My plan was to make a pizza tonight. We had a pizza a while ago and there was some left over but the GG likes leftover pizza. Because there was no leftover pizza in the fridge, I thought he had eaten it. If there had been, I woulda jettisoned it because it was over a week old. Anyway, I bought new ingredients.

Interlude. My go-to no-brainer pizza, the kind I don’t have to think about, involves these ingredients… Frozen pizza dough. Fancy high-end pizza sauce in a jar (whatever looks good). Pepperoni. Canned (yes, canned) mushroom stems and pieces. Green pepper that I cut into slivers (thick ones). Oh yeah, pre-shredded mozzarella cheese. An 8-oz package works (for us) and I don’t have to throw moldy cheese dregs out months later. I put my frozen dough on an olive-oiled round pizza pan when I came home, and I put some olive oil on top, and let it sit all day to thaw and then rise. I am not a chef but this pizza is easy on a Friday night. End interlude.

I got home from the grock store and opened the freezer to put some frozen artichoke hearts in there and whoa! I was about to put them ON TOP OF A BUNCH OF FROZEN PIZZA!!! I thought it had all been eaten. “Oh I was gonna take it to Ohio.” BUT YOU DIDN’T GO TO OHIO! He was rummaging for food sometime today and I wanted to point him to the leftover pizza but WE’RE HAVING PIZZA FOR DINNER! Anyway this is the second or third SIMILAR leftover pizza incident this fall. So. Pizzagate. No children were harmed in the creation of this post. Of course they weren’t harmed in the original pizzagate hoax either.

It rained ALL DAY TODAY! As a pluviophile, I am not really complaining although it was pretty dreary by the end of the day but then Mr. Golden Sun set at 5:03 PM and that was almost a relief. We are over on the western end of the Eastern time zone and I feel for those who see the sun go down at four PM or before. I *think* our earliest sunset is 4:59 but not sure.

We are about to get porterized but I will join after they get the technology going and are finished talking about pollyticks. Or crotches. Or whatever.

4 Responses to “Our own personal pizzagate”

  1. Jay Says:

    Sunset at 4:19 today
    Dark when work starts. Dark when work ends.
    But tomorrow is the weekend, so some time out in the not dark.

  2. le Marquis Says:

    Did you know that Dominos originated the corrugated cardboard pizza box?

  3. Margaret Says:

    I love pizza but that would probably be too much for me. I would freeze it and then forget about it!

  4. Pam J. Says:

    Ok. I’m just gonna ask. What does porterized mean?