Weather this weekend will be ugly but not dangerous

A “forecast” I read the other day said something like that. And it is pretty fugly this weekend but it is too warm to be dangerous. By that I mean there is no ice or snow. I am very interested in self-driving automotive vee-hickles but I don’t think I will ever understand how they will deal with the infinite variety of slippery conditions Great Lake State drivers encounter during the winter. I mean, conditions can change in literally a split second. I dunno what kind of sensor could detect that kind of change and what would it do with the craziness of what other vee-hickles might do. Maybe when we develop vee-hickles that can hover above the road (sorta but not quiiite Jetson style), this could work. But then maybe we’d have to deal with people crashing into each other ABOVE the road?

My brain explodes over this kind of stuff.

The GG spent a lot of time sorting out old books today. I have been wanting this to happen for YEARS now. Can’t I just do it myself? Not really. I did get a rid of a whole bunch of books more than a few years ago. They were *my* books. The books I’m talking about are not *my* books. They aren’t necessarily owned by anyone. But you never know if a book is important to any particular person.

I had said something like “I wanna get rid of a LOT of books but please lemme take a quick look at what you are getting rid of.” Out of five boxes of books I found ONE. It was written by a young cousin of The Commander’s and although it was about the great lakes (it was sorted into a box of great lakes books), I wanted to save it because a relative had written it. One I have talked to on the phone – late in her life. I’m pretty sure it isn’t on anyone’s best seller list (and I haven’t read it) but it is a part of family history and that is important to me (and the GG).

Then there are the goddamn Bookhouse Books. We lived 5-8 blocks away from my FinFam grandparents when I was growing up and when my parents traveled (usually bank business trips to Detroit, nothing exotic), my brother and I would stay at my grandparents’ house. I could easily walk to school from there, and as a bonus, I could walk with my friend Helen, who lived a couple blocks away from my grandparents.

My grandparents had a complete set of the Bookhouse books from the 1920s. My great aunt who lived in the attic would read to us before we went to sleep and sometimes it was the Bookhouse books but I mainly remember reading the Bookhouse books by myself. I remember a lot of the stories but mainly I remember the pictures. Alas, I would have wanted the Bookhouse books after my grandparents died but it seemed they got lost in the shuffle.

Or maybe another cousin has them, which would be OKAY! Because nowadays there is eBay. And so a bunch of years ago I tried to order a set of them on eBay. Alas, there were complications and it turns out that now I have something like THREE partial sets. The GG found them today. I said, “I want ONE complete set, the others can be donated.” Other people will probably want them.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of the Bookhouse Books. I need to get rid of a bunch of books too! It’s hard for me to do though.