Paperback novels

First, I took this pic a few years ago at Hoton Lake. Here today on The Planet Ann Arbor, darkness became dense fog, then it rained ALL DAY. Too warm for snow.

It was okay. After an early Plum dash, I settled into coffee, word puzzles, and mini-chores. I felt a wee bit guilty for not swinging around more because the GG was heavily involved in his book organizing / flinging prodject. But he has the right energy for this right now and I do not, although I have identified a few more books I could get rid of (again, I got rid of tons of books a few years ago). Turns out we have THREE sets of Bookhouse books. I’m not sure how we got to that point but we will fling two sets.

I panic a bit when he comes at me with book(s) or sometimes other things to ask me what they are. I have ordered a few things over the years that I’ve either forgotten about or decided they weren’t the right thing. It’s embarrassing to me to dredge up those stories, even though none of those things ever broke the bank. Still.

But sometimes there is an interesting twist. Like he shoved a paperback version of Samuel Delaney’s sci-fi novel “Trouble on Triton” in my face the other day. Did you order this? Well. Like so many things, it’s complicated. Yes… I read the book as a young person. Paperback of course. I liked it. I eventually got rid of the (paperback) book. I was reading aloud in those days, Mouse’s Train Ride, Charlotte’s Web, the Cat Family Book, Wind in the Willows, Indian in the Cupboard, Gorky Rises, etc. Fortunately by the time Harry Potter came along, the beach urchins had long been completely independent readers. I loved Harry Potter but I was happy to not have to read the books aloud.

A few years ago, I wanted to re-read Trouble on Triton. Problem? It wasn’t available (to me) on my phone. So I ordered a paperback. Problem. I MUCH prefer to read books on my phone. The book languished and then a few years later, I looked for an electronic version again. Voila! There it was. I liked it even more the second time around. So. The GG was wondering if it was a good book… Well… I LOVED it. I’m not sure you would like it as much as I did. We’ll see if he reads it and if he does, whether he likes it.

We don’t always have the same taste in books but we occasionally overlap. The last time we went to Crazy Old Florida for a FUN trip (long story), I decided to read novels about Florida. It turned out I read TWO while we were down there. The one I liked the best was by Carl Hiaasen (Tourist Season, chosen randomly). I’m not sure I can muster words to describe this author. He is HILARIOUS even when writing really gory stuff. For whatever reason, the GG also read the book and I knew when I heard him giggling or saying stuff like “those guys”, that he was enjoying it.

I am doggedly trying to finish my 2023 Goodreads challenge. I am behind and I’m afraid to look at how many books I’m behind. I’m not gonna tonight but maybe tomorrow. I haven’t read another Hiaasen since that trip (2017) but I started one today (Squeeze Me) and I CANNOT put it down. It is set in Palm Beach in the years of the Trumpian Bombasty and I thought, “This might be fun!” And it is. I’m not quiiiite halfway through but so far I am liking how he treats the Orange Baboon and his wife. They are not the main characters but figure into the story in significant roles. Trumpian children are not part of the story, at least not as far as I’ve read. The author’s name for Mar-a-lago is ingenious! And then there are the Potussies…

I’m not sure the GG will be interested in reading this book.

3 Responses to “Paperback novels”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I’ve read a lot of Carl Hiaasen novels and at least one collection of his newspaper columns. He is hilarious! If Squeeze Me is about a python I read that and remember a lot of snickering. He’s not only funny but quite a committed environmentalist. And like you, I’m also behind in my Goodreads challenge (9 books behind) and I’m reading a lot of short novels right now to catch up. Which is so silly, in my opinion. I challenge myself, then fail to meet my own challenge, and I feel guilty? Such a waste of energy. But I’ll probably give myself a goal in 2024 also because I seemingly can’t change. A few years ago I started to count the books in this house and stopped when I got up close to 2,000. I’m also trying to downsize this massive collection but it’s hard. No one wants old books, even the really old ones from the early 1900s. Goodwill turned down the box of really old books I tried to unload on them. I tell myself that I should get rid of other stuff first that will be more challenging for those left behind. Then after I have that internal mental debate I flop down and start a new book. Procrastinate much? Oh yeah.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I love Carl Hiaasen’s books. Both the adult versions and the kid-friendly ones. (Scat and Hoot are two that come to mind.)

  3. Margaret Says:

    I need to read this author! I love humorous mysteries like the Spenser novels.