Starring salmon piccata

First of all, I finally sneaked a peek at how far behind I was in my 2023 goodreads challenge. Guess what? I am only five books behind! For MONTHS, I hovered at nine below. I just may make it! For the record, the beach urchins also do challenges but we are NOT in competition with each other in any way. I don’t even know where they are in their challenges. It is simply one of the low-stakes ways a moom of adult daughters can connect with them without smothering them or interfering in their (successful) lives.

While the GG continues to do the heavy lifting (and it is *literally* heavy lifting) on the Landfill book organizing/flinging prodject, yer fav-o-rite blahgger STUMBLED on an intriguing way to organize recipes. My recipes have LONG been a mess. I have the hand-written ones (me, The Commander, my Grandma Margaret, and some others). I have quite a lot of cookbooks (which I am NOT ready to fling yet) and USUALLY know pretty much where my faves are. A few of them are even marked with post-it notes. Then there are the ones I once typed into word docs on my computer. Last but not least, there are the ones I have found on the internet and bookmarked.

The last was kind of the final straw. When I upgraded to the iPhone 15, APPLE GOT RID OF ALL MY SAFARI BOOKMARKS! What a pain in the *ss that was. On the other hand, I was storing my recipes in a SLOPPY way, especially ones that I have used MULTIPLE times. Salmon piccata, I’m looking at you!

Out of the blue a couple weeks ago, a facebook friend posted a link to a website/app Plan to Eat. This young woman is a techie I took community college classes with and she later taught classes there herself. AND we’ve been friends with her PARENTS since the old EPA days! This is a tool she has been using for YEARS and I decided to sign up for the free trial.

Aaaand… I think I am hooked. I can type recipes off my old index cards into it. I can copy/paste the recipes on my computer into it. I can capture links from websites (salmon piccata anyone) and it will suck the recipe up and make an ingredient list and instructions. I can easily access it from my phone and laptop. It’ll do grock lists (and more) too although I don’t know that I’ll use those features. Grock lists are great but the Landfill Chitchen is pretty well stocked with staples so I’m good at putting whatever I need (salmon, lemon, capers usually if you’re talking salmon piccata) into my simple list app. Like I don’t usually need to put pepper on a grock list.

I don’t have any association with Plan to Eat except that I am a paid user. Don’t worry, it isn’t gonna break the bank.

I will not be flinging those old hand-written recipe cards but I’ll be happy not to have to frantically rummage through them looking for something. Speaking of rummaging, where is my My Dear Uncle Harry’s recipe for West African Beef Stew? Does he have a recipe for that or am I on “crack”? I thought I had one. I do make Harry’s coq au vin frequently (his kids call it something different, I think) but I don’t need that recipe because it’s burned into my brain enough that I have even tweaked it a bit. It is always a hit.

P.S. This is an old pic and there is NO SNOW here today.

3 Responses to “Starring salmon piccata”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like an easy way to find recipes which I also struggle with when I rarely do cook. West African Beef stew? Sounds yummy.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I just emailed you a picture of the West African Stew from the Joy of Cooking! Harry (or Bubs) may have used a different curry recipe. Cheers and Roebucks!

  3. Pam J. Says:

    Sooooo glad you mentioned West African Stew! It reminded me that I have a recipe around here somewhere for something called, I think, West African Peanut Stew which I made a lot about 25 yrs ago. I got the recipe as a side benefit of my husband briefly teaching Sunday School at a Unitarian Church and the kids learning about foods from different cultures. Our foray into organized religion was typical of our generation — “Unitarians are atheists/agnostics with kids” — when we decided our kids needed something to rebel against, just as we had rebelled against the white-bread Protestantism we were raised with (and rejected when we got old enough to scratch our heads and ask embarrassing questions of Sunday School teachers). But out of that attempt to give our kids some religious training I got this wonderful recipe. Which I will now search for and make soon. So thanks for jogging my memory!