Book gluttony

A beach urchin sent a photo of a story in our esteemed Ann Arbor Observer about the local used book glut. If you have read some of my recent entries, you will know that we at the Landfill are in the throes of a major book-flinging prodject.

I would pick a minor nit with the statement that the phenomenon began as covid restrictions eased. On its face, that statement is likely true. But during the early, scary days of covid, most stores and donation centers were not OPEN and/or ACCEPTING anything. Remember when we thought covid was spread by touching things? People were washing their groceries and leaving mail and packages out to decontaminate. Or something. We have the opposite nowadays as porch pirates are rampant. We don’t have a problem with that here because teleCubelandia allows meeee to monitor every delivery. But I think the glut is more that donation centers, etc., are now fully open and people are ABLE to drop things off so they do. And so do WE.

The baby boomer thing? Yes, yes, yes. But I started flinging stuff long ago. I made good steady progress until my parents died and I inherited all their stuff. Disclaimer: The Commander spent the six years between my dad’s death and hers DILIGENTLY de-acquisitioning things. It could’ve been a lot worse. But still there was some stuff.

We are NOT officially downsizing. I mean we are not planning on moving to a condo or whatever. Yikes! We have a small house on a lovely lot in a nice (but not fancy) neighborhood. We are just continuing to simplify our lives. Vacuuming and dusting are a lot easier if you don’t have to move a lot of crapola around.

I don’t *think* the snowplow in the pic plows the streets of Sault Ste. Siberia but not sure. They have some crazy plows up there. It may be that it only plows the driveways and parking areas at St. Mary’s. I did not attend this beautiful church when I lived there as a child but I have quite a few friends who did. My family attended the Central United Methodist Church when I was a kid. Also beautiful. I have never been religious and haven’t affiliated with any church as an adult.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree that the glut has a lot to do with people not being able to get rid of things during those times of Covid. And because I was stuck at home most of the time, I ordered more *stuff* than I probably would have. Bookwise though, I mostly used my Kindle or my library.