When a woman “builds” a tech career after the age of 50…

…she needs clothes. Actually “builds” is not an accurate word. “Falls into” is more appropriate. Various people: How did you get your job? Me: TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY.

I won’t go into the details of that today. When I was starting my job, the elder beach urchin was home from SanFran for her first xmas after graduating from college. For reasons too complicated to explain, I was told to take the week between xmas and New Year’s off. This was my first salaried job in my life (really) and the mothership was willing to eat my idle hours. This bothered me a LOT at first and still does when I feel less than productive. But long ago, when I was fretting about this, a loverly somewhat older colleague counseled me to not worry about it too much. He turned out to be right.

Anyway, I needed some bizcaz clothes. I mean I had some appropriate clothing but not really enough for five days a week. My then SanFran beach urchin and I went on a shopping trip to Chico’s in Briarwood Mall. I was already well familiar with Chico’s (and I am well capable of picking out my own clothes) but I appreciated her company and eye for what might work for me because she has a good eye. I’m sure lunch was also involved.

We got home from our shopping trip and here is my fancy Chico’s bag with my little xmas trees lined up in front of it. In the dark because it is damn dark here the whole month of December. That is why we light xmas trees and candles and yule logs or whatever.

The clothing I bought that day was beautiful but some outfits worked out better for me than others in the long run. Mostly I reaffirmed that I don’t like to wear pants. Skirts skirts skirts.

In the grand scheme of things, nobody at Cubelandia much cared what people wore unless their attire showed some “naughty bits” which I can assure you NONE of us baggy old people were interested in showing. Probably the craziest time was the summer we remodeled the place. Summer casual attire was declared for the duration which meant mainly that refrigerator-shaped men with hairy legs came to work in cargo shorts 🤣🤣🤣

One Response to “When a woman “builds” a tech career after the age of 50…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Refrigerator shaped men in cargo shorts-OH, I laughed so hard! I’ve seen them too although not at work. I used to wear skirts a lot but now I live in leggings.