Alien entity (and dirty doorwall)

The alien entity is actually Mr. Golden Sun, who we haven’t seen for a while at least not in all of his brilliant glory. As is typical for this time of year, he is hanging out waaaay low in the sky at, I dunno, sometime around midday and waaaay to the south. Don’t worry, he’ll start to swing back up soon enough. (Don’t look at the dirty doorwall glass.)

The other day when I said I was four down on my 2023 Goodreads challenge… I redid the math and… I am four BEHIND. I have 11 books to go. Crapola. I still think I can make it. I have a week and a half of use-or-lose vacay hours and I am definitely gonna USE them. Who wouldn’t? My co-workers will use theirs. Except maybe Frooggy and Green Guy but they don’t really do much of any kind of work anyway. Take Buoy 22 for an unauthorized flight around the Landfill neighborhood (or to the moon), drink londry detergent with a chaser of Listerine and crash in the londry basket.

The GG is off gallivanting around but he left Froogy and Green Guy home with me as he usually does. They both have a long history with our family. I won’t do the whole thing today but the day I was notified that my brother was in the hospital and might be dying, I left my house in the Dogha (top dollar Honda Accord). I grabbed FROGGY but I was up North Maple a half mile away from home when I realized I didn’t have my god damn PURSE. Jeebus. Yes I did go back. And then I hit the road.

My brother did die that day. I was in contact with our parents throughout all of this and it fell to me to tell them their son was dead. It seemed okay for me to tell them, maybe better me than some others. The next day I drove five hours up to the yooperland, collected my parents, drove them back down the day after. Somehow we got my dad through the funeral crapola.

I didn’t mean to veer off into this kind of stuff. It is part of my life history but it is not something that devastated me. More that I just had to deal with it at the time. My brother knew he was dying and I knew he would want me to carry on and so I did.

G’night, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    So hard to deal with the death of a sibling and lose that part of your family history. I’ve lost all of mine since my only surviving brother is 15 years younger and didn’t share my childhood.