Not all that much of a partaaay really but the beach urchins came over to cook dinner for their baggy old moom tonight and also look through all the old books the GG has sorted out to (maybe) get rid of. This is yer baggy old fav-o-rite blahgger being hugged by a beach urchin with a beloved photo bomber in the background.

Did we get rid of any books today? Yes we did. I heard someone at some point yell “metallurgy” from the back room. There are ancient engineering textbooks in our “collection”. The GG believes that the engineering textbooks from the 1940s were better than those of today. Maybe they are, not that the GG would know anything about today’s engineering textbooks since he has a computer science degree and is not looking to get an engineering degree at this point in his life.

The last time I took a gander at the books, I only found one book I wanted to keep. The beach urchins found a few more but I think a few more have joined the fray. The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet and a couple others I can’t remember off hand. Then one of the beach urchins started to rummage the bedroom shelves for The Bumper Book. A book I knew by heart as a small child and apparently she does too since I read my copy of it to her.

I had been thinking about The Bumper Book sometime last week when NPR said something about King Xerxes. He is in the Bumper Book along with many other characters (Mrs. Striped Chipmunk, The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, etc.). It was the last book we found, after A Child’s Garden of Verses, The Golden Songbook, and a couple others, all duct-taped. We found these safely on one of the bedroom bookshelves, meaning that the GG recognized their value and did not include them in his collection of books to fling.

One Response to “Partaaaay”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a lovely photo! It’s great to have help with the flinging; I usually need support to get rid of things. I’m never quite sure what to keep and what to donate/trash.