Crampin’ my style

I do not like to have an audience when I am cooking. Tonight, I have an audience.

The usual evening “thing” is that the GG is at his computer, which is in the next room. I am in the kitch cooking and / or writing my blahg. Or whatever. On SUNDAY evening, I have the local jazz NPR station on. The 6:00 show is usually blues and ends with Taj Mahal cakewalkin’ inta town. Note that I like this kind of music (and most kinds of music) as BACKGROUND music. I rarely go to concerts, etc. I cannot focus, sitting in a seat somewhere. No matter how good the performer is or how much I like them. Long story for another day.

Today. A football game ended. I don’t mind football on TV during the season. All of a sudden a Beethoven symphony started up. At first I thought it was an ad but it kept going on and on and on… Which means someone had put a RECORD on the old STEREO. I like Beethoven too but it is not Sunday evening music for me. Oh, oops, it turns out there is still a football game on. The sound is turned off.

So there he is, multi-tasking. Reading a book with his phone or something on one side of it and a calendar on the other. And a silent football game in the background.

Gratuitous shots of various clutter here in the Landfill. Opened spice drawer. The GG installed this when we gutted our kitchen quiiiite a while ago. I love it. The top of the coffee station we installed last year when a THIRD coffee appliance arrived as an xmas gift. I had always wanted a coffee station in that spot but it didn’t happen when we remodeled because we failed to follow through with installing a lucky-shukial outlet at that time. Last year the GG installed a new outlet and I ordered a coffee station. Yay for us!

One Response to “Crampin’ my style”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My late husband liked the TV on constantly whereas I am much quieter. (and prefer silence, mostly) Perhaps it’s because I was a classroom teacher for decades and had to put up with lots of noise.