Oh don’t worry, it is a first world “1%” issue (not that we are in the 1%). It is also a GOOD thing but it still stressed me out.

The GG is STEAMING ALONG getting rid of crapola. A bunch of boxes of books went over to a local family business (I’ll describe this in a minute) that takes almost ANY book and figures out how to sell or donate or recycle it. Then he started in on the stuffed aminals. This involved conversations with the beach urchins. I think they have long been ready to pass them along to new homes and children that need them and maybe even want that to happen sooner than later. This is the xmas season, which means it’s a good time to donate these. It is still hard. I was set to embark on this fling on my own but kept procrastinating, hoping the GG would take the reins. Now that he has, it isn’t any easier.

I basically couldn’t really watch. But a few ground rules were established. Mice and frogs will stay (for a while, at least). Handmade items by me or The Comm or the beach urchins themselves are still around. Soft Seal and chicken bolo, I am looking at you, among others. Anything that looks extra-loved (and therefore maybe not acceptable as a donation) stays. I fergit what else.

Here’s where my intermittent frustration with MEN comes in. I have known about the Give My Books business for YEARS! I have told the GG about it multiple times. I KNOW I have. But probably not recently because… He never seems to register that I have said ANYTHING. Women speak at a frequency he can’t hear? Probably not me (my voice projects) but whatever. So I kinda gave up. BUT. YESTERDAY. Five minutes after he walked into the Landfill, returning from the yooperland and the northern lower, he said something like, “There is this place near Stone School where you can drop off books.” HEADDESK HEADDESK HEADDESK! Yes! I KNOW ABOUT THAT PLACE!!!! And, according to their website they even accept old textbooks! Bingo.

So he made a run over to give my books this morning, A run to Sharehouse with stuffed aminals was ALMOST gonna happen but didn’t… … …

Other than that, the xmas tree is not coming inside the house until the back room is cleared of boxes, etc. I sound grumpy but I know we’ll get through this.

Love y’all, KW

3 Responses to “Streeeeessssss”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Some people aren’t great at listening. My mother is one of those! It can get quite frustrating. My dad was an excellent listener but couldn’t hear very well so that was an issue.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Does selective hearing/remembering only occur when a female is talking to a male? I have the identical experience with my husband all…the…time. And I don’t think it works in both directions, at least not in this house. Marriages, especially long ones, are so complex, I’m learning in later life. My guess is that men are used to listening to women talk about maybe-not-so-important things and their minds wander away, never registering what’s said. Usually, the missing fact is relatively unimportant, like the name of a business. I’ve tried to stop saying “I told you that already” but wow it’s hard. I’m hoping that I do equally irritating things to my husband so it all balances out in the end. But believe me, I feel your pain. On the other hand, we’re the lucky ones to even have husbands around to not register what we say. I try to remind myself of that. Carry on with decluttering. I’m inspired and just stacked 3 boxes for Am-Vets on my front porch.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I hear you, cuz! Beautiful picture! I need to start decluttering, but I’ve given myself the grace to wait until after the holidays. Although maybe I should start by cleaning up my huge mess of “I’m working on a project”!