Sandy Claws is coming to town

He’s a-comin’ whether I’m ready for him or not. The Pensioner was getting dressed to go outside late this afternoon. Where to now, I had to ask… I’m getting my chainsaw out. Why? To saw some wood. What wood? The xmas tree. Gulp.

As always happens at this time of year, I had already looked at the calendar and thought something like “OMG! It’s coming up too fast.” Just a month ago it was Veteran’s Day and we were at a Big Fat Greek Wedding (at which we did not contract covid thank you very much). It is now a month later and I am not ready but it’s okay because there’s not really all that much to get ready for. For us anyway.

So the xmas tree is in the house. Decorating hasn’t even begun yet. We’ll get there after we get rid of some more crapola.

He bought the tree from Flatsnoots, which is typical. If you buy a tree from Flatsnoots you can get a little snort while you’re there. It sounds sketchy as all getout but they abide by the city/state booze rules and provide a wee bit of low octane alcohol IF you buy a tree. Meaning you are not buying a drink per se. The GG was over there early in the morning and did not partake in the free snort.

One Response to “Sandy Claws is coming to town”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t believe we’re already so far into December! I’m sort of prepared but there’s always more to do when the actual days arrive.