Don’t take my bunny!

What a day! I was really pretty slodgy. My work is reaaaallly slow at this time of year and although I can always find things to do, I wasn’t feeling it today. So not very productive.

We had an invitation to visit the country mouse’s house tonight for a steak dinner. I contributed ‘hattans and steak knives. The GG walked over there in the mid afternoon (it’s six miles north of town, mostly unpaved back roads) and I drove over after I finished my not-very-productive work day.

Ulp. In the back of Cygnus, the GG had loaded bags of stuffed aminals to be sorted out for donation, etc. This was hard for all of us. Some are being donated for sure. Others are being kept by their original owners or gifted to friends who might like them. It’s all good. I just don’t want them in my house. I tried hard to cling to my “stay outta the fray” mantra throughout this. Tears may have been shed but they weren’t mine.

But then there was Bunny. My little brother and I were given identical bunnies for Easter one year. How old was I? I’m not sure. We look so sweet here in this pic taken in my bedroom. Note the silver Hollywood-looking headboard. I remain AMAZED that The Commander bought that for me. We’ll talk about the Golden Book Encyclopedia set another day. Anyway, we look sweet in the pic but I am pretty sure we had some sort of fight over the bunnies sometime that day that resulted in The Comm putting a colored stitch in one bunny’s foot so we could tell them apart. Jeebus.

Turns out Bunny was in a bag that was not intended to travel to this event and he/she is safely home at the Landfill. Bunny would not really be donate-able anyway as he/she looks quite a bit the worse for wear.

One Response to “Don’t take my bunny!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I did get rid of the Beany Babies but I haven’t donated the special animals like Alison’s Fat Duck. It’s been very well loved.