Social butterflies

Meaning we have had two dinner engagements in a row, Thursday and Friday night. At people’s houses, not restaurants, in part because covid but also because restaurants are madhouses during the holiday season. That can be fun but I’m not quiiiite there yet. I have more or less committed to a couple restaurant outings in January because that’s Birthday Month, which I’ll talk about some other day.

I *have* gone to restaurants during covid (not to mention a Big Fat Greek Wedding). But I like to cook for more than two people and the Landfill is pretty at this time of year, in part because in the early dark of solstice evenings you can’t see things like dust or clutter🐽🐽🐽 I mean there’s ALWAYS dust but there is even more clutter than usual because we have multiple de-acquisitional prodjects going on.

We will have one or two or whatever dinner engagements during the next couple weeks. One at the Landfill (sometime this coming week), others *probably* at The Landfill assuming they happen. Visiting cousins here to see My Dear Uncle Harry will not stay here. For one thing, it is a TREK from the Landfill to MDUH’s apartment. Also, MDUH is in good shape but caring for elderly parents can be exhausting (been there done that) and it’s nice to have your own space at the end of the day. Ask me about our Flor-i-duh rescue mission some day and that wasn’t even a *parent*. If nothing else, I do expect to get a “can we come over for a ‘hattan” text at some point. And the answer is yes yes yes yes! Stock up, KW! Whine Castle, here I come.

In my scramble to finish my Goodreads challenge this year, I am reading short books (300 pages or less). I am not enamored of the one I’m reading at the moment. Castles of Steel and Thunder. It isn’t boring, exactly, just maybe a little more fantasy than I’d like, a little too much romance, and I dunno, sophomoric? Like if I am actually from Caithness, why can’t I spew light staircases and other objects from my fingertips?

I can’t remember how it flew by but what caught my attention is it is (partially) set in Caithness and if memory serves me right, that’s the area of Scotland where my dad’s grandfather came from, along with *his* dad and a lot more siblings than the numbers modern FinFam folks produce. They immigrated to Canananada and if I have it right a few of the “boys” joined the Mounties and went west (young man) and likely mixed it up with the Native Americans. I mean married them. An Asian-American woman I used to work with at Cubelandia once asked a group of hallway hangers-out what side of the Civil War our ancestors fought for. Those kinds of questions bug me (don’t get me wrong, Cynthia and I were *friends*) but I rode with it and told about my grandfather’s Mountie uncles.

In truth, although my dad’s parents were both Scot via Canananada, mom’s family(ies) immigrated (from various British Isles) to the States. But I have no knowledge of anyone fighting on EITHER side of the Civil War, although I would guess Union since Detroit is where mom’s parents/grandparents ended up. But. I think most of my relatives came to this country in the later 1800s, so AFTER that war.

But the mountie answer raised some eyebrows and my friend said something like, “Oh you were pioneers!” Maybe “we” were but I am still laughing.

Where the heck am I? Maybe it’s time to end this rambling bunch of blather. Orangeya glad I didn’t blahg about pro-choice again today? 🐲🐲🐲

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The dark/dim does hide a lot of *stuff*. I count on that too! (mostly for cat hair) I was at a memorial service yesterday and then a group of us decided to go out for a drink on a Saturday night. We ended up at a coffee shop because…Xmas parties everywhere else.