Your day is about to get interesting

I said that to the GG as a beach urchin pulled up in front of the Landfill. His face registered mild surprise. She had texted *us* earlier to say that she would stop by to look through the books we have selected to fling. I KNEW he hadn’t seen the text message. Moom ALWAYS checks text messages. She is text message cheetah. Except when she is driving and her phone isn’t plugged in, which is usually these days because she doesn’t have the proper connector for the iPhone 15 whatever it is (the smaller model that fits KW’s small but strong and agile hands).

It had been a s-l-o-w Sunday here at the Landfill but a comfortable one. Rain almost all day but not a whole lot of frenetic activity and stressing out about things that don’t need stressing out about. We both read books most of the day. I finished the “bad” book I was reading yesterday. I mean, if these people say “I love you” to each other ONE MORE TIME, I am gonna flex my Caithness-bred fingers and shoot lightning at them. I started a better book and am halfway through it now. A murder mystery with an archaeological bent. Not my usual genre but I really like the protagonist (Ruth Galloway) and the setting (marsh) and it’s a pretty fast read and I need that kind of thing to finish my Goodreads challenge. I can dig in to more dense stuff next year. But I’ve done David Copperfield and Game of Thrones so those are off my list. Although you never know, I may re-read Nicholas Nickleby.

Our beach urchin took a box of books (and had a wee glass of whine with her moom). She took a couple books I was having trouble parting with although I was ready. They were about nature journaling. A combination of writing and drawing observations in nature. I am entranced with the idea of drawing but not sure I will ever throw myself into it, even though I don’t actually think I would be bad at it. One of my mantras about getting rid of books is, “If I regret flinging this book, I can probably find it on eBay”. In this case, I can find it at my daughter’s house, two miles away.

So turkey tetrahedron (aka tetrazzini) tonight to get rid of the last of the Thanksgiving turkey (don’t worry, I had frozen it) and broccoli. We’ll probably be eating this a few times as leftovers this week and I may freeze some of it. I have duck(s) for xmas ordered from the Plum to pick up on Saturday. And I am thinking enchiladas for when we porterize ourselves at the Landfill later this week… … … Do youz guyz like enchiladas? I mean our friends of porterization, not my huge (not) number of blahg followers.

2 Responses to “Your day is about to get interesting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Although I’m not a friend of porterization, I do like enchiladas. I don’t like duck however. We’re having turkey and ham and LOTS of sides. (which are my favorite since I’m not much of a meat eater) I’ve read every Galloway mystery there is–besides getting a bit tired of the love angle, I’ve enjoyed them greatly.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Yum!… Licking lips….