Just stay home. No one has their snow legs yet

By snow legs, I mean winter driving skills. The GG needs to visit FlaMan sometime this week. Today was the ONLY day that snow was forecast in our area. Heavier snow was forecast in the western side of the state. Lake effect from Lake Michigan.

A lot of snow came down today but the temperature stayed in the mid to upper 30s so nothing stuck. At least not on our streets or sidewalks. The freeways were pretty much f*cked. I dunno. I don’t think the roads were all that slippery but I think whenever there is anything wet coming down outta the sky, it’s a good thing to slow down.

This is not the first snow we’ve had and it won’t be the last but the next week and maybe more the high temps are predicted to be in the 50s, etc., so snow not likely. The GG had been thinking about traveling up to visit FlaMan today (60 miles north) but he bagged it and that was okay because freeways were backed up and closed all over the place.

The pic is pre-covid when we were shopping downtown without even thinking about communicable diseases. I am not freaked out about covid enough now to not shop downtown but we soooo do not need anything. And if I were to shop downtown, I would be masked. But the GG would not… … …

One Response to “Just stay home. No one has their snow legs yet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not many here have any snow driving skills. We blame it on inexperience, the slippery wet snow, the hills, and the dearth of snow removal equipment. Even with my Subie’s excellent AWD and winter tires, I hesitate to get out on the roads until I absolutely need to.