Okay. It is two days before xmas. I got to my fave big-box grocery and HOME again at least a half hour before sun-up. Despite the dark and rain, it was a nice little zen drive over and back and no line at the uScan. Quick in and out.

Then I hit up the Plum where I had ducks to pick up and a few other items. I surprised my fave cashier by going through her line instead of the uScan. Reason? Because there was a complicated situation with the ducks – I had paid a deposit (online) and needed to pay the balance. I’ll be back there tomorrow morning. I already have a[nother] list going…

This morning at the Landfill? Total chaos!!! The GG is rummaging madly through the dungeon finding MORE books AND STUFFED AMINALS! Green Doll and a monkey and I dunno what else. This particular dungeon romp began when the Scrap Box posted on facebook that they needed paper grocery bags and we still have some from the heavy-duty pandemic era when I was not going inside stores. Plum double-bags everything for curbside pickup. They don’t provide plastic bags at all and I take my own re-usable bags over there now.

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that this is happening and even happier that he doesn’t seem to need my help except to occasionally spring random things on me. Things I bought at some point in history and don’t remember (or want to remember) why. Oh, nothing that broke the bank. Just crapola.

Yes, I took a blahgging day off yesterday (but not without alerting the beach urchins). Used to be it was The Commander that noticed when I didn’t blahg. In those days, the beach urchins were probably rolling their eyes that their baggy old mooma duck was blahgging at all. Now they’re like, “where’s the blahg?”

Anyway, we “entertained” last night although I don’t think I was very entertaining 🤡🤡🤡 Yooperland swampland was one of the main discussion topics and I have some opinions about that oh boy oh boy. DO NOT DEVELOP IT. JUST DON’T! Alas, people are determined to fill wetlands in and build McMansions. I am not a fan and I quite vociferously (but not eloquently) expressed my opinions. Even though I was basically preaching to the choir as both we and our guests own Gitchee Gumee beach property with swampland behind it. But my brain was totally exhausted at the end of it all.

2 Responses to “Madness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m feeling like no matter what I want or think is best, money will talk. In the case of development, we have lost LOTS of prime farmland to developments and storage units. 🙁 Nice to have someone organizing and flinging, but I wouldn’t like the timing of it all.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Christmass OT was jolly and Gitchee. We enjoyed being visited by the spirits of the season.