One of THOSE xmases. The froggy kind.

I mean that it has been foggy as all getout ALL DAY. It was also very warm. That happens sometimes. I have actually opened a couple of strategic windows. Kitchen and bathroom, although I would bet dollars the GG has already closed the bathroom window. Yep. And the kitchen. I just looked.

My parents did not travel to spend xmas with us but for long complicated reasons, in 2010 we arranged to transport The Commander down here for xmas. Our Northern Correspondent drove her down (on her way to family in Ohio). We all had a WONDERFUL time. The Comm got to experience the Plum Market (and terrify people by pointing her cudgel at things on upper shelves).

Parties? There were parties. “Every night”, as she told someone in the yooperland. Not quite but close. Her remaining brother and sister. My dad’s remaining sister and brother-in-law. All kinds of cFam folk. The Comm was loved by many.

At one daytime party at the Landfill, my former sister-in-law’s mother approached me in the Landfill Chitchen to report that my eccentric aunt Roberta was filling containers she had brought along to the party with various hors d’oeuvres and other food and stuffing them into her “bag” or whatever. A lovely, gracious woman but maybe just a bit more “proper” than me (or most FinFam/MacMu folks) because I could hardly keep myself from rolling on the floor laughing. I didn’t care one iota if Roberta was “stealing” food, which she could easily afford to buy on her own anyway. And she lived a block behind a Trader Joe’s at that time.

We drove The Comm back to her home in the yooperland on New Year’s Eve. Before we angled north, we dropped Lizard Breath at Metro for a flight to her then home in SanFran. I remember the GG being kinda nerve-racked about flights because of rain and fog but our super calm daughter said something like, “If this was California, it would be a MESS but it’s not here in Detroit and it’s better for me to be AT the airport if there’s a problem.”

She had a smooth trip if I’m remembering accurately. Our trip was smooth too but it was FOGGY as all getout. By the time we got to the tollbooths at the north end of the Big Mac, it was also dark.

2 Responses to “One of THOSE xmases. The froggy kind.”

  1. Paulette Says:

    I so enjoyed the trip with Fran. I remember laughing not some of her stories. I miss her. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Margaret Says:

    You have wonderful memories of the holidays. My mom loved coming up to my house with the whole family there; I only live about 3 minutes away though. 🙂