Embracing my inner pagan

We didn’t actually get around to opening gifts until after dinner tonight. That was just how it worked out this year and that is okay. I am “go with the flow” these days. And it was fun!

The GG spent xmas morning romping around the Landfill Dungeon and other areas rummaging through various collections of old crapola. This kind of activity drives me a little nutso because it is often frenetic. But it was okay because I am glad he is working on it. Also we celebrate xmas in a secular kind of way. I’m kind of a pagan maybe? I love xmas trees and lights and faaaar (except it was too hot here for a faaaar today) but I am iffy about “god” and Jesus. I respect those entities but don’t personally believe in them. It’s all too long a story for tonight but I can’t help thinking our xmas trees and lights, etc. come from way before the Christian religions so many of us were brought up in.

I can’t believe how many packages graced our tree today. It seemed a bit much to me at least. Of all things, I asked for a new mailbox and porch lamp. Santa obliged. I’m not sure exactly how those things came into my head but I think I figured that if I was requested to ask for xmas gifts, I may as well ask for things that might improve our house a bit. I think the existing mailbox and lamp are as old as the house. I bet the new mailbox will surprise the postal delivery folks.

I don’t have much else today. Another Landfill xmas in the books. I’ll clean up the rest of the dishioshios in the morning and go onward from there. Hope y’all made merry whether or not you celebrate xmas.

2 Responses to “Embracing my inner pagan”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Wow. Interesting items… More interesting is that this probably is one of the latest post’s ever by K.W. BTW, no snow, only flat beach sand as reported by our own, (Paulette, aka Northern Correspondent) on this xmas tonight.
    Good tidings to all. And to all, a good night…

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree with you about the religion stuff; most or all of what I put out and do is also secular. No Midnight Mass for me! I asked for nothing and got nothing except for money from my mom, a nice card from Younger Daughter and a basket of goodies from John. But do NOT ever eat roasted chesnuts; they are vile.