Family forever

After much dithering and dathering and procrastinating and overthinking and whatever, we packed up some stuff, picked up one of our beach urchins, and trundled over to the other side of town to the air b&b where my cousin and various family members have been staying so they could spend xmas with their father, My Dear Uncle Harry (MDUH), who lives nearby.

Why was I so reluctant? I do not know. I began having a great time as soon as I walked in the door. Well, after I cleaned up an angostura bitters spill from the counter in the RENTAL house. OMG. I have quartz counters in the Landfill Chitchen and they are indestructible. Except that bitters stains them. If I do not clean up a bitters spill IMMEDIATELY, I have to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get the stain out. I did NOT want to be responsible for a bitters stain on my cousin’s rental house counter.

We were planning a happy hour event but as these things go, we were having such a good time it went on and on and we ended up helping them eat the leftovers from their xmas dinner. This was no doubt a good thing for them because otherwise they would have to schlep all of the leftovers back to St. Louie.

Bonus stuff: 1) We got to meet my cousin’s first grandchild, 2) I taught my cousin’s son how to make a Franhattan (and all its possible variations) and 3) MDUH heard me talking (he was napping a bit) and reached his hand out and said, “I heard you!” I grabbed his hand. Later when he was leaving, I gave him a big hug and said, “I LOVE YOU!” and he responded in kind. When I was a kid we didn’t always get along all that well. That was because I was just about the biggest BRAT on earth or at least on the moominbeach!!! How I wish I could rewind time sometimes but I did grow up and I’d like to think I am not so much a brat any more.

One Response to “Family forever”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does sound like a great time! I too have to sometimes force myself to go out to a social event but then usually have an excellent time and am glad I did. What a lovely moment with MDHU! I didn’t know that about bitters which I don’t use anyway being an amber ale drinker.