HB, Old Boy, and Thanks for the Beach Day!

I’m not sure where the heck you are these days. I haven’t seen the Ryerson in a while. Someone (was it Pengie?) said that it was not running this year. Anyway, we needed a beach day and we got an absolutely supreme one today. So, if you are at all responsible, thanks! Here are some photoooos of the Engineer on some other beach days, with cameo appearances of The Commander and Grandma Margaret. Click on them to enlarge. Yes, it’s one o’ them thar blasted galleries. I have had a long hard day of swimming and kayaking and burning my skin. It’s almost cocktail hour and I’m lazy and y’all can just deal! (Bwa-ha-ha)

3 Responses to “HB, Old Boy, and Thanks for the Beach Day!”

  1. Jay Says:

    I thought it was his day! I can’t quite remember, but I think Kathie & Kevins are around here too.

  2. Paulette Says:

    A posting in a discussion group today on boatnerd.com states: “I traveled thru Duluth/Superior area around Aug 1 and noticed the Ryerson in drydock at Fraser Shipyards. What type of work is being done on her?” The reply to this posting was that it was not in dry dock, but in lay up. HB to the Engineer.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Kathie and Kevin’s are in March, the 11th or 13th or something.