That was what I answered when my MMCBs and I started our FaceTime call this morning and they asked the usual cheerful, “How are you?”

Yes. Dark. Dark dark dark. There is always a day (or more) in January when it feels like Mr. Golden Sun is NEVER gonna rise. Today was that day. I schlepped over to @Plummarket in time to get there at exactly 8AM when it opens. It was dark when I got there. It was dark when I left at 8:10. Even though sunrise was at 8:04. Our latest sunrise is 8:05 and I think we stay there for a few days until Mr. G gets far enough north again to give us a little earlier morning light. Sunset time reached its nadir a while *before* the solstice. I don’t really understand how this stuff works but the days *are* getting longer if imperceptibly so. The North Shall Rise Again.

At least it was not SLIPPERY! Something was coming outta the sky but it was light and didn’t look very white and Cygnus reported 35 degrees. Roads, etc. can be slippery at that temp but only if significant snow has fallen. It hadn’t.

The “ICE” sign is not a warning that the driveway, etc., is icy. It is a New Year’s Eve post-it note reminder to meeeee to remember the ziplock bag of ice cubes I carefully packed to take to the city mouse’s house for that evening’s dinner. She can certainly make ice but for whatever reason didn’t have a lot already made. I was happy to oblige. Baggy old mooms LOVE to be useful to their uber-competent adult children! And I did not forget the ice. What I did forget is the shrimp ring I had grabbed at the Plum that morning. I remembered it halfway there and what the heck, since the entire drive is a mere two miles, we turned around and snagged it.

P.S. It’s odd that fairly recently I had to actually go out and buy a SMALL amount of post-it notes. I used to have TONS of them. I was an office store queen. I am almost totally paper free these days. But occasionally I need a post-it note, like the ICE note or “Don’t move my mask”, because until I got on their case, certain people had been known to move my current face-mask out of Cygnus’s “console” or whatever you call it. Nope. I need that. It doesn’t work to keep one in my jacket pocket but that’d be a (boring) story for another day.

One Response to “Dark”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I miss post it notes (I’m writing reminders on recipe cards and using scotch tape) and paper clips. I used to have a million paper clips and now I have none!