My own personal mule

I had to return to my loverly little job this week but at least it was a CALM work week. I mean both at work and at the Landfill. Nobody was rummaging around through all kinds of crapola or engaging in other frenetic activities. (Note *again* that I am *happy* about the de-acquisitioning prodject but it is sometimes a little hard to live with.)

But it has been a calm week. Why? Because my own personal mule (aka the GG) has been hiking the North Country Trail all week. He isn’t off with any of his “girlfriends” this time. Hey, the women he hikes with are MY “girlfriends” too! He is doing day hikes from the Landfill and returning at night. Although the trail goes through the entire state of Michigan, it does not come all that close to the Planet Ann Arbor so it can be a challenge to get to it to hike.

Monday through Wednesday, he hiked in Michigan in the Albion / Homer area. He managed to snag lunch at Cascarelli’s in Albion yesterday. I think I have only eaten at Cascarelli’s once, on a little Jeep Junket we took long ago on a federal holiday back when the beach urchins were in public school and I wasn’t gainfully employed. But it was GOOOOOD!

Today he did hike with a “girlfriend”. One who is also our daughter. They drove down to the Maumee River in Ohio for today’s trip. Ohio has an interesting stretch of the North Country Trail. I am not an expert on this section but it is largely set on old tow paths along the canals and rivers, hence the sign about mules (embiggen it). I don’t think they tow boats with mules any more but there are many historical sites along the trail. Not the heavily wooded trail sections we have in much of Michigan.

So… The North Country Trail Association gives folks a little yearly award for hiking 100 miles of trail. The GG, being a little obsessive, is hot to get those 100 miles done ASAP. I mean he wants to be the FIRST to get 100 miles in a year! He began on New Year’s Day and has 75 miles now (after four days).

P.S. Photo by Mouse.

2 Responses to “My own personal mule”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s wonderful that they hike together! The GG is incredible. I can’t believe those numbers!

  2. Pooh Says:

    How many miles does the UU have? I’m sure this is a twin-driven competition as well as a NCT one.