Polar Vortex

No we are not in the midst of a polar vortex right now. I don’t even think we’ve seen temperatures in the teens yet. But memories served up photos from the winter of 2014, the Polar Vortex winter. That winter the snow started on New Year’s Day and I still had a glacier in my back yard in April. And it was frickin’ cold like a lot of days were below zero. I’m talking Farenheit here. I telecommuted a lot that winter because the meagre city snow plowing equipment wasn’t able to get ahead of the initial couple feet of snow and a layer of ice formed on most of the roads, on top of which more snow fell. My little Ninja with its performance taaars was not equal to it and the Frog Hopper even struggled.

A few days into that winter, my mouse and I suited up and schlepped over to the Plum Market. I am on the right in a big balaclava I bought at a kiosk in Briarwood Mall years ago. Nowadays I use Smartwool balaclavas, which are just as warm but a lot less bulky and easier to wear. I long ago donated this big one.

I think this was the evening of New Year’s Day. The snow was still coming down and it was something like 13 below zero but here is the GG cooking chicken thighs or whatever on the grill.

The next day there was so much snow the GG’s work (EPA) closed for the day and I worked from home. It turned out that people who trundled in to my work were faced with an unplowed parking lot and ended up having to push each other’s cars around when the plowing service finally arrived. The LSCHP apparently boomed out, “If people are just coming over here to push cars around, they might as well have stayed home.” I can’t remember if he was actually at home or not.

Here is my walking path outta the Plum Market parking lot sometime that week.

G’night, KW.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember that year–was it really 10 years ago? It seems like just a few years back. We’re expecting chilly temperatures so I will have to hunt down that balaclava you sent to me. I will need it for walking!