100 miles, 100 miles, 100 miles, 100 miles

You can hear that whistle blowing… Oh never mind.

It is January 6th, a date of some notoriety in recent history but *this* January 6th is the date the GG finished his first 100 miles of hiking the North Country Trail for 2024. He has already submitted his claim or whatever it is to receive his award. Is he the first person to hike 100 miles on the NCT this new year? I do not know. There are trail warriors out there who RUN the trail, not the easiest thing to do at least not on some parts of it. So maybe he’s not the first but he’s up there. Being a pensioner, he has the time, and the weather cooperated. Anyway, I think he mainly competes against himself and his ID twin brother.

Three years ago, he was all set to claim his award but there was a glitch submitting it and the UU (ID twin) managed to submit his miles ahead of the GG. I dunno if he was first of *everyone* that year but he beat out the GG. Was it really *three* years ago that happened? I remember we were traveling to O-haaaa-o and I was working on the infamous FRB prodject at work and I attended a *crazy* meeting from the car. Like this is just a file format prodject, what’s the big bloody hairy deal?

He had a “girlfriend” with him again today, which was our daughter, not the same daughter he hiked with the other day. They hiked in Ohio and she took him out for lunch before they headed back north. I won’t say this junket was without any pain and suffering. Blisters, for one thing.

Lamb stew is in the hopper. Hi ho!

P.S. That orange shirt better be in the laundry!!!

2 Responses to “100 miles, 100 miles, 100 miles, 100 miles”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Congrats to this year’s NCT First 100 Miler!

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a feat and in only six (five?) days!?