North Country Trail

pinkflowerbeesMorning hike from the Pine River on Forest Road 3139 (think that’s the right number, may be wrong) to Betchler Lakes. Six miles or so. Many flies and moe-skee-toes. With my shorts on, I was dressed more for the beach than a north woods hike. I knew it and somehow managed to grab some insect repellent on the way out. It turned out that the bugs didn’t seem interested in any of my exposed skin. They went for my shoulder blades instead. Which were under my new favorite tie-dyed tshirt. Go figure. No moose or bear were sighted but we did see bear scat here and there so we figured they were watching us. Our small contingent of fast-hiking 20-somethings managed to flush a couple of sandhill cranes and I think I’m going to have to download iBird after all. I was thinking that since I’m not really the serious birder of the family, we could get by with just one copy but maybe not. But those cranes made an absolutely indescribable sound and even though I could see big crane-like birds, I couldn’t absolutely identify them. And when Uber Kayak Woman said she had heard a kingfisher, all I could say was something like, “budda, budda, budda”. I had no idea what one sounded like. Home by way of the old Raco airbase, then beer on the beach and swimming with UKW.

Alas, my busman’s holiday on Fin Family Moominbeach is rapidly drawing to an end. Back down into Troll-land tomorrow. It has been a hot, muggy day and right now it looks like a storm is trying to form across the water. Click here or on the photo for more hike photos. Look for the huge clump of *pink* Indian Pipes and a sign of our next season at the end of the series. Cocktail hour awaits. Tequila and tonic anyone?

3 Responses to “North Country Trail”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Mosquitoes don’t like me much, but they LOVE my kids. It sounds like you’ve had a great holiday and now Troll Land calls.

  2. Margaret Says:

    P.S. I’m pathologically afraid of bears, as I’ve probably mentioned.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Some of your pictures remind me of places where there should be hobbits or trolls. Those pink Indian pipes are very cool, still Star Trekish to me.