Snowmaggedon (not) aftermath

Not all that much in terms of depth. I was out in a pair of Keen sandals with YakTrax. Tights and Smartwool socks kept my feet warm. A long wool skirt. Balaclava. Balaclava keeps me from having to wear a scarf because it covers my neck. But it also makes me look like a bank robber, although the long wool skirt MIGHT mitigate that somewhat. But if I’m going “shopping”, I usually wear a ski band and scarf. Glubs of course. I find that until the temps hit the single digits, a single pair of those little “50-cent” “KMart” glubs work just fine. Two pairs doubled for single digits and below.

This snow was frickin’ HEAVY. I do not have a Power Tool Type Guy here this weekend so I shoveled the sidewalk with my fave shovel. One I haven’t seen around for a couple years so I hope no one gets rid of it because it’s just my size. I didn’t bother with the driveway. Because I planned ahead (just a bit, I did NOT and DO NOT panic-shop for snowstorms), I didn’t need to go anywhere and if I did, Cygnus can easily handle this snow. The street is not plowed yet and is a MESS so when they do plow, we’ll end up with a big fugly snow pile across the end of the driveway. The Pensioner will make short work of that with the yooperland style blower when he gets back.

A beach urchin was kinda chompin’ at the bit to come over and shovel my driveway but I wasn’t sure her vee-hickle was capable of my street and definitely not my driveway (slight incline). It was quite entertaining to watch the guy across the street try multiple times to get into his driveway (also a slight incline). Taaars were spinning like my beloved Ninja’s taaaars used to do on slight inclines in snow. This across-the-street neighbor is NOT L-of-PNet, who has a big pickup truck. I appreciated my kiddo’s offer nevertheless.

Knock on wood, I still have power despite periods of wind gusts throughout the day. These were nothing like the sustained 20-plus winds we sometimes experience on the shores of gitchee gumee. Somehow we don’t usually lose power up there. Go Cloverland Electric.

2 Responses to “Snowmaggedon (not) aftermath”

  1. Isa Says:

    Next time I won’t ask first…

  2. Margaret Says:

    Thoughtful kids are the best! I’ve been very happy with my lined gloves and layers. But I do need something on my face. I’m a slow learner!