Egregious idling (with antlers)

This weekend’s snowfall was not big in terms of inches but it was a challenge.

I wasn’t going anywhere today but when I suited up and went out take a look around, I looked at Cygnus and her veeeendshieeld was covered with what I thought was several inches of snow. Stuck into the “snow” were little branches and twigs. They reminded me of antlers. I reached over to pull one out and… Nothing doing. It was totally frozen in cement-like ice.

So, I CAREFULLY backed Cygnus up to where Mr. Golden Sun would hit her with his full January low single-digit temperature force. At least he was OUT today. He has made only a few feeble appearances in the last few weeks. Anyway, backing Cygnus up was a challenge because I couldn’t see jack doodly, even through the backup cam, which was probably iced over or whatever.

I finally got her positioned in optimum sunlight and left her to idle at 85 degrees with the defroggers on. I left her there for a HALF HOUR. Yes, I know that is a long time and fortunately no one from the Planet Ann Arbor Eco-Police noticed. But guess what? When a half hour was up, I went back out there and zee veeeendshieeeld vipers were STILL STUCK and so were the antlers. Fortunately we have about a bazillion veeeendshieeeeld ice scrapers and one of them was in Cygnus. After hammering away at the ice cement for a while, I was able to dislodge a little. And then some more. And FINALLY a couple big thick slabs and then, VOILA, zee veeeendshieeeld vipers began to vipe zee veeendshieeeeld again!

So all weekend I’ve been thinking, the GG is coming home on Sunday and he’ll get his big yooper musheen out and blow all of this crapola away in like 15 minutes. Alas, this cement-ice stuff isn’t blow-able. He used a DIRT-DIGGING shovel to deal with it.

One Response to “Egregious idling (with antlers)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That does look like snow but ice is a whole different situation! I’ve only had to deal with that a few times since my car is usually in its cozy garage.