For the person who has everything

This photo may be a bit hard to process. There’s Mr. Golden Sun, who has made NOTICEABLE progress on his northern journey. Then there are some little glass vases and things. The one on the left contains a “preserved” insect who became entrapped in there umpteen years ago. Not visible in the pic.

The thing on the right, OUTSIDE the window, is my new birdfeeder. I guess I’m a pretty hard person to buy gifts for. It’s because I don’t neeeeeed anything. But I was looking out the window from teleCubelandia this morning and after receiving umpteen bazillion bird feeder reports from the country mouse all weekend, lightning struck! Why don’t I have a BIRD FEEDER out MY window? We have one in the back that’s very popular (it gets a lot of squoils too) so I didn’t want to move that one. The GG was ecstatic about this request. He is a relatively serious amateur birder and this also gave him a chance to visit Downtown Home & Garden and later his fave hardware store after he discovered he had bought the wrong bird seed. It’s okay, the sunflower seeds will get used in the back bird feeder. My country mouse knows a lot more about bird species than I do but it’s never too late to learn new things. Or just watch birds.

I haven’t seen a bird yet but birds do hang around in the bushes outside “my” window so I am hopeful.

I was off for MLK Day and am taking tomorrow off for meeee day. What did I do today? Picked up a few grocks, finished my current book (Babel), tinked around with small chores, and made Chex Mix. Yes. We don’t really eat dry cereal these days and I didn’t want to have three boxes of cereal around all year getting stale just so I could compost it all in the fall before I bought new cereal for next year’s Chex Mix. I also didn’t want to repeat the Chex Mix Debacle of 2022 in which I made TWO (count ’em) batches of Chex Mix with sesame sticks that were past their prime. I don’t think I sickened anyone but they tasted AWFUL and it took me and my normally acute sense of taste TWO batches to figure out the problem (I did NOT have covid). The proportions in this batch are not perfect but the GG is noshing on it without complaint. (Sesame sticks and mixed nuts are my two ingredients besides the cereal.)

Other than the bird feeder prodject, the GG kind of slugged around but that’s okay. HE DESERVED A DAY OF SLUG after a weekend of snow driving, hiking with a group in snow conditions, schlepping Quiet Water Symposium crapola from Iggy to The Planet, and arriving home only to have to mitigate Ice Road Asteroid conditions in our driveway, etc. If you embiggen the pic you MAY be able to see our largely dry sidewalk. So three cheers for the GG!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Chex Mix is so customizable! And munchy, which I love.