No Politics Day 2024 version

So covid mucked with our NPD plans once again. We do not have it (and weren’t exposed) but other beloveds do. Symptoms are mild but still. Instead of a FinFam steak dinner, we got take-away from TMaz a couple blocks away (Mexican and good and I was actually relieved not to have to cook even though I like to). We had the city mouse and her partner over plus the Uncly Uncle who is visiting from Gaylord. What a fun evening!

Old Man Winter had his own role to play in discombobulating our plans. The original plan was to drive to Albion for lunch at Cascarelli’s. Emich public radio was reporting numerous black ice accidents all over everywhere. The GG didn’t think this would entail a white-knuckle drive but yer fav-o-rite blahgger was not convinced. She suggested our local Grizzly Peak instead and the GG was happy with that plan, which turned out to be a good one. The place was pretty much deserted. We’ll get to Cascarelli’s another day. It’s not that far away.

I celebrated No Politics Day in my own way by 1) giving our Griz server a big tip. But then again, I am always a big tipper. And. 2) I made a decent donation to a beloved land conservancy organization. It owns a preserve adjacent to our beachfront property and I am long overdue in becoming a contributing member although the GG has been doing trail maintenance there for a while. Our names were recognized by the person who processed the transaction and a sweet exchange of email messages ensued.

Because I do not need anything, I chose to celebrate my own personal NPD holiday by “paying it forward”.

3 Responses to “No Politics Day 2024 version”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Glad you had fun celebrating NPD! It is a nice round year. Sounds Eventful, Very Entertainingly Notable This Year!

  2. Margaret Says:

    A great way to celebrate a birthday by giving instead of receiving what we don’t need. I enjoy providing support to those who do; it’s a gift for me.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    Once again I am clueless. NPD = no politics day, right? Mr. Google tells me that there is such a day but it’s February 20. Do you guys have your own personal NPD in January? The answer probably is contained in an earlier post but I failed to see it. Thanks!