Sometimes this person does co-work with me in my house, usually when HER house AND work lose power. We had a lot of that last year. This year KNOCK ON WOOD BIGTIME, not as much. We actually had a bit of a flicker this morning but we have some funky LED light strips in the Landfill Chitchen and they blink a lot so I thought they were just doing their thing. Of more worry (to me), a frickin’ smoke alarm went off a couple times. NO FAAAAR HERE… … …

The reason this person was working over here is because she had ordered some bday flowers for meeee and she knew we were going out to lunch and it was cold. The flower delivery folks usually try to drop the flowers off with neighbors but our neighbors are not ALWAYS there on weekdays, so she brought her work laptop over here to watch for the delivery. As it turns out, the flowers were delivered just as the GG and I were leaving for lunch. Our beach urchin would have been very welcome to have lunch with us but she had work meetings.

Yesterday, this co-worker usurped my fancy Couch Table. She wanted to experience the Kayak Woman teleCublandia thing. She’s got her laptop ON the table and is using my Couch Table in a way that I don’t do. I love the table and I use it every day but differently. I put things on the table and use my laptop in my, uh, lap.

At any rate, I missed having a co-worker around today.

We do not have any birds at the teleCublandia bird feeder yet but I did see a squoil eyeballing it this afternoon.

One Response to “Co-worker”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do most of my leisure computer work with my laptop on my lap sitting (really lounging) in the recliner. Mari hates it because she wants my lap to herself!