Siberian sunrise

I’m mostly posting this pic because I like it. It is Hipstamatic apped like crazy but it’s a set of filters I like.

It is from 12 years ago when I was luxury camping at my mother’s house while she was in the horspittal dealing with c.diff. I had no clue what c.diff was before some of mom’s friends called me and said basically but politely, “Getchyer ass up here.” The last time I had talked to her she was ranting and raving COHERENTLY about Rick Santorum. Remember him?

Well. I had never heard of c.diff but I did get my ass up there. The hoosegow dealt with c.diff kind of willy-nilly as near as I could figure out. At first we had to suit up in gowns and masks and caps and booties. But then we didn’t. One nurse closed the room door. Others did not. A nurse also talked to us about spores. That kind of freaked us out but we never got c.diff, probably because we were not, well look up how c.diff is transmitted. I don’t think we were in great danger and we kind of laughed about the spores. It is largely a hospital acquired disease and that is really unacceptable…

All that said, I suited up and walked down Prospect Street every morning to spend the day with my moom in the hoosegow. I packed my backpack with two laptops (work and personal). I strapped YakTraks onto my boots. My phone was zipped into my left pocket. A couple of plastic cards and a bit of cash in my right pocket. My uncle and aunt and cousins once lived in a beautiful house on Prospect Street and I passed that house every day. It’s on the right but you can’t see it in the pic and they had long moved out of that house and my aunt and uncle were dead.

This particular morning, I could see the sunrise sorta. I posted this pic on facebook (12 years ago) and someone asked why the sun was rising in the northeast. Well. It wasn’t rising in the northeast. I was walking down the ESCARPMENT and the sunrise colors were peeking out under the cloud cover. If you walk along the top of the escarpment in Sault Ste. Siberia that is where you can see the sunrise if it is visible at all.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I thought my mom might have cdiff when she was in the rehab center; it turns out she didn’t. I have your posts from then to thank about me even knowing to ask the staff about it.