Close call of terrification

Okay, so we got an inch or so of snow overnight. It wasn’t slippery, at least not for walking. I got it into my head that I NEEDED to make salmon piccata tonight. I did not have a lemon. Or capers. Or orzo, which is my pasta of choice for salmon piccata.

The Plum Market is literally a few blocks away. I don’t like to snow-drive but I can DO it and how hard can it be? The roads were not particularly good but they were navigable for PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT SPEEDING. And I was certainly not.

I crept up to a stop sign and went to hang a louie onto a main road. I patiently waited for three vee-hickles coming from the left. No other traffic was in sight from that direction. Looking right, I saw one vee-hickle a couple blocks away. Okay. I turned. Almost immediately, honking ensued. In my rear-view mirror I saw a car going SIDEWAYS behind me! It made it over to the left of me. For a couple really scary seconds, it veered toward me. I moved over to the right and then, MIRACULOUSLY, the driver corrected and their vee-hickle went straight.

I made it to the Plum unscathed, I stopped shaking after a bit, and we’re having salmon piccata tonight.

So. What happened here? I strongly believe that this person was going faster than the 35 mph speed limit on this road. A lot of people do. But. I also think I misjudged their speed. I think if I had sat at that stop sign even two seconds longer, I’d not have made that turn.

In my driving career, I have had ONE accident that caused significant damage to a vee-hickle I was driving. I was 17 and it was my grandmother’s car (she had relinquished her keys) and it was on glare ice and an oncoming driver came left of center and smashed into me. No one was hurt, thank the gods and it was ruled to be the other driver’s fault.

The (kinda) hilarious part is it happened directly in front of one of Sault Ste. Siberia’s funeral homes. My PARENTS drove by and saw the smashed-up vee-hickles in the funeral home parking lot. Did my grandmother have an accident in that same location and is that why she gave up her keys? I can’t quiiiiite remember.

Be safe out there. I [re]learned a lesson or two today.

2 Responses to “Close call of terrification”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sliding and being slided toward are SO frightening. The words “sitting duck” come to mind. Glad that you didn’t get hit. I also had an accident at 17; I was rear ended when someone thought I should go and I didn’t. I love orzo too although the first time I had it, I thought it was rice. (which I also like)

  2. Pooh Says:

    Was the skidding car on Maple? I can’t quite figure the scenario.