Driving a vee-hickle with no scratches or dents (knock on wood – or snow)

This morning’s grock run was a piece of cake with clear roads, NO TRAFFIC, and Mr. Golden Sun, as you can see!

As a bonus, I got to talk to my grock worker and one of her co-workers for a bit. I have always been friendly with grock workers. I mean, I am also friendly TO them. All of them, but I have a special affinity for the cashiers and other front of house folks.

I worked as a cashier when I was young. It was a job I was good at and LOVED but I got paid doodly-squat. It didn’t really matter (to me) because my parents were paying most of my bills at that point in my life. I do not know how someone who worked at my Tempo store fed, clothed, and sheltered themselves and their children on what we were paid if that was their only source of income. I think my grock store pays a bit better than that but no retail store pays what its employees are worth.

I was checking out today and I thoughtlessly lifted my re-usable bag off the scale before I put anything into it, which set off the uScan “alarm”. The lovely young person handling the guest counter came over to clear my musheen (and approve the age-limited item I was purchasing). It was VERY cold this morning and we were talking and she said sometimes they have to close “my” uscan (I use the same uScan all the time) and the one across from it because wind sometimes opens the adjacent automatic doors and it gets COLD. I so remember working as a cashier at Tempo during my xmas vacations from college and with all of the people coming in and out, how COLD it got working a cash register.

One Response to “Driving a vee-hickle with no scratches or dents (knock on wood – or snow)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s the primary reason I don’t use uscans; I’m 100% sure I would do lots wrong. I finally tried to tap my credit card at a store and it took me three tries. LOL That’s a beautiful sky; I love those clouds!