At the bus stop across from the grocery store

So “they” keep enticing us with forecasts of much warmer weather. But. Apparently we have to endure more frickin’ snow and FREEZING RAIN before we get to the higher temperatures. IF we ever do…

So at the end of today, I was in the kitch and given the potential for freezing rain tonight, the GG said something like, “Maybe I shouldda gotten the generator out and going today.” Our generator is a portable. You have to schlep it up from the Landfill Dungeon and take it outside before you plug it in. The idea of me trying to deal with it when he’s out of town terrifies me. If you don’t hook these things up correctly, they can kill you.

Anyway, I said something like, “Oh that would’ve been a good idea…” To be fair, if we DO need the generator tonight, I have confidence that he will be able to trouble-shoot any issues and get it going PDQ. Ask me about the OIL furnace in the Moldy Old cFam Cabin (before the GG and his siblings razed it and replaced it with a modern house). We would get there and the furnace would not turn on and if he couldn’t get it to turn on, he would call the furnace guys and they would LAUGH. And MAYBE they would be able to find the right part… I’m pretty sure they were familiar with The Gumper (GG’s dad), like what does he want now? Beloved mechanical engineer par excellence.

Our generator can power the furnace (the most important thing) and the fridge. It can definitely charge our laptops and phones and wifi and LED twinkle lights. It’s almost like luxury camping. And our water heater is gas-powered so we don’t ever lose hot water in lucky-shuckial power outages.

For now freezing rain has not happened YET and The Landfill is fully powered. For now.

Old pic, not an ice storm, too warm. Plain old rain.

One Response to “At the bus stop across from the grocery store”

  1. Margaret Says:

    An ice storm over a decade ago knocked out our power for days; I would have loved a generator back then.