Stay in your lane

Okay. Jeebus. The Ann Arbor Public Schools board of education has passed a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza and Israel. I have tried in vain to google the exact language of the resolution and cannot easily find it. It must be out there. Try if you care.

Oh come on now folks. We elected you to run the SCHOOL DISTRICT, ROIGHT? We know you care about international politics. We (your voters) do too. As a WASPy Great Lake State yooperland-type person who isn’t much of a historian, I don’t totally understand all of what’s going on. I do ABHOR violent conflicts between people, especially when civilians (or any human beings) end up being “collateral damage”. But at this time of my life, I do not expect anything different. (We won’t talk about the orange baboon tonight.)

I am well aware that the local public school board can be a spring-board for those with political aspirations. On the other hand, there are also local citizens who are sincerely interested in trying to run the schools and have no interest in going beyond. I am a longtime friend of one of those citizens and she’s one of the gals I meet with every week on FaceTime. She is a “mensch” to use a word she once called me. After one term on the school board, she declined to run again.

The woman behind the school board resolution is Palestinian. She is the president of the school board. She probably has friends and relatives in Palestine. Again, I don’t really understand all of the issues here but I feel her pain. But her role on our LOCAL school board is to MANAGE OUR LOCAL SCHOOLS, not opine about very complicated international affairs.

I have NEVER had political aspirations but I did do a lot of treasurer positions in PTO orgs and other small school-related organizations. I love to count and sort money, use Excel to keep track of it all, and balance the books. I am also good at transparently providing budget info to whoever asks. Being a prez or vice-prez? I am NOT GOOD AT THAT. And I am not INTERESTED in it. You are happy about that.

One Response to “Stay in your lane”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Public schools should be as apolitical and secular as possible because we serve a variety of cultures, belief systems and political leanings. That doesn’t mean whitewashing the truth or pulling books out of libraries. As a side note, my stupid town elected THREE Moms for Liberty school board members. I cringe.