Lost mail found

Two pieces of mail went missing. The first piece was a Metropark vee-hickle sticker. It arrived successfully but it wasn’t addressed to me. I notified the person it WAS addressed to and they said they would pick it up “Saturday”. THAT Saturday was January 13 and by that time, that person had covid (despite continual vigilant attention to protection against giving/getting that disease).

Covid is over (this bout for this person anyway) and yesterday I was asked, “Can I pick up the Metropark sticker after work?” Well, YES. I mean, you can come over here ANYTIME (except when you have covid). But. WAIT. Where IS the Metropark sticker? It was no longer on the table where it had been sitting for the last 10 days or so. I rummaged around like crazy. I could not find it. The last place to look was in the recycle cart outside the door in the snowy/icy driveway and it was getting dark. I said I would look for it when Mr. Golden Sun came up (if not OUT) in the morning.

And so I did. I wrestled the cart onto its side. There is not a lot in it this week (a good thing) so everything was down at the bottom (a bad thing). Because I couldn’t reach anything without tipping the cart completely over and into the slushy muckity-muck on the driveway… So… I grabbed a pair of long BBQ tongs and after a lot of stretching and rummaging, VOILA! There it was! All I can think of is it must have gotten mixed up with the newspaper somehow.

The second piece of mail was my application to receive a ballot for the primary election later in the month in February. I dropped it in the Stadium Post Office slot INSIDE the building early the morning of January 12. BEFORE it started snowing/raining/sleeting/whatever. With another piece of mail that DID get to its destination. A whole week later I got an email notification from the city clerk’s office that they hadn’t received my application yet. Hmmm. I decided to wait and see if it came… It didn’t. This morning, I went out to the website and printed a new application. I was just about to fill it out and put it in an envelope to mail (again) when… DING DING DING! AN EMAIL ARRIVED SAYING “YOUR BALLOT HAS BEEN SENT!” Yaaaay! I don’t have to tell anyone who I’m gonna vote for, do I? 🤣🤣🤣

Mail has been particularly flaky since we’ve experienced our recent bouts of winter weather.

The pic is from last night and it was FOGGY, not snowing. The temps were just a weeeee bit above freezing (36 maybe?) but we did not get snow and it has rained all day although not hard enough to clear out some of the snow. Our street is a frickin’ MESS. Wish I had thought to get a pic of that before the plows came through. Winter in the Great Lake State.

One Response to “Lost mail found”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve accidentally thrown something into the recycle then had to fish it out. Luckily, I first toss it in a small container outside my laundry room door. Then when it’s the day before pick up, I empty that into the big can. (unless I have a lot, then I have to empty it a few times) Glad you found it! Who are you voting for? 🙂