After the slushplow came by

The pic is from this morning. The slushplow came by yesterday afternoon. Alas, Cygnus was parked in the street at that time. The GG had taken Mooon Yooonit up to FlaMan’s place and Mooon Yooonit is ALWAYS at the TOP of the driveway. So KW can get Cygnus out, y’know. Mooon Yooonit is also fine to drive (as long as I don’t take her to the laundromat 🤣) but Cygnus is my gal. I do let the GG take her out for a spin from time to time.

Anyway, I couldn’t get out there in time to move her so they had to go around her, leaving a bunch of slush surrounding her. And that was okay. It certainly wasn’t anything she couldn’t navigate and (knock on wood) the temps are supposed to stay in the upper 30s or thereabouts for a while. The slushplow came by again this afternoon and this time Cygnus was not in the street so more of that stuff got cleaned up. But there’s still some there and I had the fun of dragging the garbage/recycle carts across the slush at the end of the driveway this afternoon.

It has been foggy for two or three days now with no end in sight. I LOVE the fog but I don’t love missing the full moon.

I am not organized enough tonight to do a decent boooook blaaaahg. Among other things, I am reading Willa Cather. She flew by me a while back in a random way and then an NPR post was talking about who people (commenters on something I guess) were reading said something, “Willa Cather? Really”? Apparently a lot of people are reading Willa Cather. I thought, “Did I ever read anything by Willa Cather?” I read Sister Carrie. Oh, KW, Sister Carrie was not written by Willa Cather. Duh. Anyway, don’t start reading Willa Cather just yet. I like it but I have nuanced thoughts about some of it. Not that I could necessarily articulate them coherently.

What I will say is that I have been watching “The Crown”. And having a good time with it. This surprises me because I am not an Anglophile. But I am still in the early years of Elizabeth II (before I was born mostly) and I wonder how I will do when we get to the Diana era. Or even if I will make to that era. All of that stuff annoyed me to no end. And yet I understand the issues the younger “royals” had/have to deal with.

2 Responses to “After the slushplow came by”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like the fog because I’m somewhat claustrophobic. I like to see the sky and trees. I always forget what those two cars are! One is a Subaru Cross Trek–is that Cygnus?

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Willa Cather may be my favorite author ever, and that’s saying a lot. (I liked Sister Carrie too and almost everything else by Theodore Dreiser.) Now I’ll have to dig around in the C section of my library and see if there’s anything of Willa’s that I haven’t read. Don’t think so. And The Crown is good! My favorite episodes are those dealing with the London fog of the early 50s. Soooo interesting.