Driving clothes

Here’s a view of Cygnus (and me) you won’t see very often. I almost exclusively drive Cygnus and I am almost always alone. This is a good thing because she doesn’t get too filled up with junk. Gone are the days when I would find things like petrified happy meal burgers and other detritus in my vee-hickles. The worst thing right now is that the floor mats are crusted with dirt and road salt but that’s a function of our recent weather. The Pensioner will clean them up eventually. The light on the dash is on because I intentionally turned off the function that beeps at me when I go out of lane. When I go out of lane, there is a DARN good reason.

Today the city mouse and I had a fun wee errand to run (more later) and we took Cygnus. Later on she texted this pic that I had no clue she was taking. I was confused at first because we were in a multi-thread text thing with the country mouse AND the country mouse had driven down from the group home at Hoton Lake. Oriole’s (her Crosstrek) interior is also black (exterior is orange though and she has a stick shift) and I was thinking maybe the Racc had taken this? But… The country mouse doesn’t have FROG GLUBS, does she? Nope. Wait! Those are myyyyy glubs. Ain’t they cute?

As for the rest of the outfit. Red turtleneck, black polar fleece vest (with zip pockets for my phone, fob, and a couple plastic cards – I don’t need no stinkin’ purse). Plaid cashmere scarf and that looks like pants but it is a skirt draping in a funny kind of way.

Obviously nothing exciting is happening around here. NO Little Brown Birds (or any birds) came to my feeder today, at least not that I saw. Little Brown Birds made a surprising appearance in the book I’m reading though! Song of the Lark (Willa Cather). It didn’t seem to be used facetiously like how the modern bird community uses it. I am on the very fringes of that community, meaning I lurk on a local birder email list serve.

I am enjoying Willa Cather. I think My Antonia was the first Cather book that I crossed paths with recently. It is the third in a “trilogy” although the books do not follow the same set of characters and can be read in any order. Being somewhat “anal”, I decided to start with the “first” and read through to My Antonia.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Cute gloves and it looks like you’re bundled up for the cold. It was nearly 60 here today and mid-60s tomorrow! Yikes, not good at all.