Liii-yuns (and froogs)

So here we go again. The GG *forced* (well, strongly encouraged) me to pose for a Liii-yuns fan pic to send to the cFam text group. Other people in the fam were dressed up in Liii-yuns gear. I do not own any Liii-yuns gear so I’m in my usual evening chill-out tie-dye. He did hand me an actual lion to hold from our huge menagerie. That was fine but I chose to hold Frooooggy too. Actually this is Frogette. I think Froooggy is buried somewhere on the Teal Couch aka teleCubelandia. (P.S. I did not name Frogette. A North Country Trail member’s grandchild did. Works for me.)

It rained ALL NIGHT here, turning to snow after 7:00 AM or so. Fortunately not a lot of snow. I hit up the Plum a wee bit later than usual, partly to drop off some mail, and the roads were fine. As I was checking out, my fave employee was leaving her lair and the uScan person heard me yell her name. He said, “I’ll go find her.” And he did. I made a special effort to thank him for his extra good service today.

I was worried about the weather because the other beach urchin was traveling to a conference (or something) today. Only an hour or so away but I am a mom and I ALWAYS worry about my children driving in potentially difficult situations even though they are good drivers and grew up in this sometimes god-forsaken state. This has intensified given my own recent near accident in snow conditions.

As it turned out, the snow QUIT (as predicted) at around noon, well before my ADULT kid had to drive. There was maybe a half inch of slushy stuff on the sidewalks and driveways. The neighbor across the street shoveled his. I did not. An hour later, our pavement was the same, which was wet but not slippery. I have since figgered out that he may have shoveled because they have company tonight (I’m gonna guess Liii-yuns game party). Even though the “company” arrived in a big honkin’ pickup truck. Don’t get me wrong. These are long-time neighbors. When we moved in, it was his MOTHER’s house. They are WONDERFUL and I love them.

The GG was down in southern Ohio for some hiking. He thought he might stay another couple days but the hiking was muddy as all getout and the Liii-yuns are playing tonight so he came home early, stopping at the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta along the way. I’m glad he did that without me. When I was a child, my WWII pilot dad took us to enough flight museums to last me (and my children) the rest of our lives. Mainly the Smithsonian museum in DC and the one at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio.

So for now the Liii-yuns are ahead but it’s early in the game. I will not really watch but I’ll have to listen to exclamations throughout. “No!” “Yay!” “Shit!” “Ohhh-oh!” “Errrrrggg…” And whatever. As the game goes up and down. We won’t talk about the ads or the “yodeling” of the National Anthem.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m rooting for the Lions. There is almost no team that I dislike more than SF. Well, maybe the Cowboys.