File parsing and more

I’m pretty sure I haven’t been to The Earle since before COVID. It has always been a beloved restaurant but as a “kid” (young adult) it wasn’t really in the budget. And then “kids” have kids and although I’m gonna guess the Earle is friendly to young children, it isn’t really the best place to take them at least not if you want to have a bit of “adult” space. If that makes any sense.

We did take Lizard Breath out to “nice” restaurants when she was very small. Once we took her with us to [the long gone] Mountain Jack’s. It was my birthday, she was three months old and she slept quietly on the booth seat next to me. As we were getting ready to leave, she started waking up and was mesmerized by all of the older folks cooing at her as they realized we had a BABY with us. “I didn’t know there was a baby there.” “She’s beautiful.” “She’s so small, was she premature?” Nope, a week early is not a preemie and she WAS small but at six pounds 3 and 3/4 ounces (birth weight), not TOO small. Very healthy, alert, easy-going baby.

I braved covid tonight to celebrate a birthday of porterization. Our friends of porterization and I share January birthdays. They like to go out to restaurants to celebrate. I prefer to celebrate at home with my kids et al but I support our friends’ restaurant adventures. Alas, this January most birthday celebrations were hosed for one reason or other. Our friends had unexpected family issues to deal with and my own small celebration was LOVELY but missing a couple of people because of f*cking covid. Make it go away already!

There was one January birthday of Porterization left to celebrate. It was today, so we hit up the Earle tonight and it was wonderful as always. And that’s about all I have tonight. You don’t really wanna know about file parsing. It’s just what’s next on my plate for work…

3 Responses to “File parsing and more”

  1. l4827 Says:

    As a Prince of a guy coming from the Earle with the other Kights of that Round (square) table we had to return across that moat of snow and water to retrieve the Silver Chalice that would enable us to leave the parking lot.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a lovely outing–but what did you order? 🙂 I don’t go out to restaurants frequently these days; it’s a special treat! Tiny One was 4lbs11(?) when he was born but compared to some of his fellow2-3 pound NICU patients, he was a giant.

  3. Pooh Says:

    My main recollection of The Earle involved a movie at the Galleria, snow, a different bar, a dead battery, and a phone call from The Earle at 12:50 am to my sleeping father, and some hilarious conversation about where we and the car were and why.