Snot rocket alert

Oh, I don’t mean the orange guy (the one in the pic, not the Orange Baboon). While I was hanging out in teleCubelandia today, I looked out the window just as a Snot Rocket drove by.

What is a Snot Rocket? It is a certain yellow (with an almost greenish tinge) colored Subie Crosstrek. When I was scouting around for a new vee-hickle a few years ago, Crosstreks were not on my radar screen. I was thinking a Honda SUVie-type thing or maybe even a second RAV4. Then one day, I was in a meeting with Amazon Woman and an ORANGE DOODLY arrived in my driveway. I knew my mouse was also looking for a vee-hickle but I didn’t realize she had BOUGHT one.

This loverly vee-hickle totally swiveled my head in the direction of Crosstreks and Cygnus X-1 is the result. During the process of picking one out, my mouse told me NOT to buy the yellow one. In fact, I think it was the Racc who said that if I bought the yellow one, he would call it The Snot Rocket. Although I don’t actually dislike the color in and of itself, being meeeee, I would never buy a yellow vee-hickle. I bought a fancy black color.

My once boss the LSCHP did in fact buy a snot rocket colored vee-hickle. It was a VW Bug convertible and he LOVED the color. And looked quite dapper driving it with the top down. He came back from a lunch excursion and some Black guys in the restaurant parking lot admired his car by saying something like, “That’s a real nice chicken box!” Say what? I didn’t totally understand it but apparently it is a car that might attract pretty women. This cracked all of us up. In truth the LSCHP has a wonderful wife who he is totally devoted to and isn’t looking to pick up women but he took it as a compliment.

So the orange guy in the pic is not emulating the Orange Baboon. He took a long walk today including quite a bit of road walking so he is wearing orange to be visible to vehicular traffic. What is also important about this pic is, dun dun dun. Look at Mr. Golden Sun! Shining down on Groundhog Day. Which of course is exactly halfway through winter. I do not know how many window replacement folks over the years have tried to solicit our business. Nope. I LOOOOVE those windows.

One Response to “Snot rocket alert”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not sure that I’ve seen that color Crosstrek in spite of all the Subies in WA. I wouldn’t like it either. I learned from John what a chicken cannon was and now I can’t get it out of my head. It makes sense that they would test airplane windshields and engines that way, but still…bizarre.