Celebrating the day after Groundhog Day

Our January birthday celebration got semi-hosed by covid. We do not celebrate birthdays in any kind of big way anyway so today was finally the day we celebrated. I refused to agree to calling it a birthday celebration. I am done done done with January birthdays for this year. What we celebrated today was the day after Groundhog Day.

Imbolc? That’s the name the google is giving me for the old pagan holiday. Somehow I thought there was another name but okay. Whatever the name is, it is halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. After a complete month of fugly gray skies, it gives me hope that warmer temps will arrive again. Actually warmer temps have arrived already and even warmer ones are on the immediate horizon. This doesn’t mean we’re done with Old Man Winter yet. He is more than capable of throwing snow and ice balls at us for the next couple of months and sometimes even into May. But we are now running down the backside of winter.

I spent the day getting a FinFam Steak dinner into the works for our celebration of day after Groundhog Day. I had the feeling that the GG thought I had overbought filets but there was just enough left for us to have a little leftover night.

A surprise was a care package from our Pengie out in Hawaii. Fran is my mom’s name (Pengie’s grandma) and she found some Fran candy somewhere out in Hawaii. There was a whole box full of goodies, including some salad “hands” that I used immediately to toss this evening’s salad. Pengie is a forensic anthropologist who is employed at working to reunite war victims’ remains with their families. That is all I will say, in part because I don’t know (or necessarily want to know) the details of her job. I do know that her dad (my brother) would be extremely proud of her accomplishments. As we are.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Our temps are going down which is fine with me. 60s in January–too warm and weird! Your niece’s job sounds fascinating.