Bright, greenish sunset

My iPhone enhanced this photooo with a bit of a greenish tint. I like it. A wee bit of snow around the edges and some sunshine enhancing the grass with a yellow gleam.

It is that time of year when, if Mr. Golden sun is out and I don’t remember to do some dusting before my mouse comes over, she NOTICES it. I thought it was only MOTHERS that were supposed to notice that kind of thing. I mean like MY mother, although she actually either didn’t pay attention or was never here at the time of year this phenomenon happens. Anyway, she didn’t fuss about dust.

Actually, thinking back to when I was a kid, maybe The Commander didn’t always notice dust that much. There was the time when after weeks of eating dinner in our shabby old bungalow’s “dining room”, she suddenly noticed a dead fly stuck in the sheer curtains she favored. The rest of us (including my dad!) cracked up. We had been looking at it forever. She was NOT a bad housekeeper and our house was pretty clean overall. Kitchens and bathrooms MUST be clean. Hers were and so are mine.

I don’t really notice dust until it gets fugly. I do NOT have allergies so although I do have the occasional sneezing fit, it is more of a random thing. Maybe triggered by dust? But probably not.

As luck would have it, Mr. Golden Sun exposed my dust the other day and I thought, “mouse will be here this weekend so I need to dust before she notices it.” I didn’t dust. She noticed it 🤣🤣🤣. I dusted today, at least the front living room surfaces. I didn’t just dust, I WASHED surfaces with a soapy microfiber cloth. And did a bit of de-cluttering in the process.

I just heard Taj Mahal on my Sunday night NPR and he’s cake-walking into town so I think I will end this.

One Response to “Bright, greenish sunset”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the sun but it does show up the fact that I don’t like to dust!