Bubble bubble toil and trouble

I have read some gooood booooks already this year. Some years I pick books that sound interesting but for whatever reason they aren’t all that well done. Lacking in character development or maybe plot I guess. DISCLAIMER: I am not qualified to critique books.

Today is probably not a good day to even try a comprehensive booook blaahg since I spent the entire day parsing, diagramming, and writing up an input file format so as to store pieces and parts of it into a data base built for generating files in *another* file format. I wrote a functional specification on the input format and what our product does with these files. I regard that document as my magnum opus at this job. But that was 10 years ago… Fortunately it’s all coming back to me like reuniting with an old friend.

But I did recently finish a book I loved (and couldn’t put down). Greenwood. The subject is trees and the characters are members of a “family” (that is all I will say about that) who, over multiple generations, preserve and/or destroy trees. Douglas firs mainly although maples play lesser but significant roles.

I get the idea that some people are comparing this book to Overstory. I read that book a while back (and loved it). I can’t really compare them except for trees. Greenwood is a little more character-driven (in terms of people, I mean). I didn’t always like the decisions the characters made and I hoped for an alternate ending. But it was a really good ride.

As a FinFam bonus, one of the characters experienced a totally Grinchian incident. I mean my cousin The Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie, not The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. All I will say is my Grinch’s outcome was much more positive than the book character’s was.

2 Responses to “Bubble bubble toil and trouble”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ve made me VERY curious! We talked about reading “Overstory” in BC but didn’t choose it; I don’t remember why.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I bought “Overstory” in the famous bookstore in Portland OR, which seems appropriate. I loved it, although it took several chapters before the characters started interacting with each other. Your bubbled reflection is beautiful.