when a maaaaaan does the londry

First of all, his wiffe is ecstatic. When he announced that he was doing a load of laundry, his wiffe (meeeee) was banging her head against all of the work prodjects that have been ON HOLD FOREVER but then suddenly kerplunked out of the sky. I had actually been thinking I would do a load of laundry in the morning but when he took that initiative, I was like WOOHOO!

Except… He didn’t put my turtleneck sweaters in the dryer. He hung them up? I ALWAYS put those things in the dryer. They are made of synthetic blend yarns, not wool. They are expensive (Sundance and Coldwater Creek) but they are worth the price. I buy them in black and jewel tones and they do well in the dryer. But whatever. Somebody else is doing a load of laundry and I cannot complain.

A facebook friend posted a pic on facebook of the Soo High band and choir groups back in the day. This facebook friend graduated with one of my cousins and became a good friend of The Commander in her later life.

The facebook photo was from an old Soo High yearbook. I was thinking, my cousin is probably in this photo and yes she was. She was first chair flute if I am processing the picture correctly. At this time in my life I was really young and didn’t understand the concept of first chair flute but I admired her greatly (still do) and totally glommed on to the mechanics of the flute, which I looked up in my handy-dandy Golden Book Encyclopedia.

I emulated my cousin in playing the flute and yes, I sat first chair for a couple years in high school (and in college too). In the long run, my cousin was smart enough to become a nurse, which I think was her calling in life because she is very good at it.

It took me a while longer to find my true calling or at least one that would pay the rent. I’m not sure that business systems analyst was a “job” then. I’m not sure it is one now. But I’m doing it and I think one of the things that makes me good at it is my long ago intensive musical training. I can’t describe that tonight.

The pic shows Mr. Golden Sun a half hour or so before he rose today. We dropped off Moooon Yooonit for service at 0-skunk-30 this morning and this is on our return trip to home. There’s Sessions on the right. A wonderful bar/restaurant.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was gone to a gymnastics meet many years ago and when we came home, Patt proudly announced that he had done the laundry. It was piled on the family room floor. I thanked him through clenched teeth since putting it all away is the hard part by far.