covid era restaurant experience

My usual disclaimer is that covid isn’t over but even us covid-cowardly introverts are slowly working our way back into public life. I am still not ready for jam-packed restaurants at high traffic times but I do manage to get out at least a bit.

This pic of our beloved (but expensive) Earle restaurant serves two purposes. One is just to show how empty it is. This restaurant is a basement venue, lined with bricks and corks and exposed plumbing here and there, nicely painted up. There is live music in a quiet, jazzy type way. I forgot what the other purpose was. I guess it was just that it is a beautiful space.

I took this pic is as we were leaving our (wine cork-lined) booth after a recent dinner there. It was a Tuesday night and pretty quiet for the duration. I’m not sure there was *anyone* besides us around at this time which is just as we were leaving.

We’d had snow that morning. Being a moom, I was worried about my more than capable adult daughter driving back from a conference an hour or so away. By the time she had to drive, the snow had quit and it was all melting. Driving downtown here was a piece of cake but there was a lot of water running around down there and we had to cross a “moat” to get to and from the restaurant. We won’t talk about our companions, who left an important tool for exiting the parking lot in the restaurant and had to RE-cross the moat to get back to the restaurant to retrieve it, not to mention jump through a whole other bunch of hoops.

Such is winter in the Great Lake State although it was something like 47 this afternoon…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m with you on the uncrowded restaurants and not very frequently at that. Our temperatures are about the same as yours, but no snow and not much rain either.