The melody-bass polarity of shoreline dreams

shipWhen I read the RegenAxe blahg early this morning, there was talk of freighter dreams. Now there is a spectacular photo of a hummingbird that the GG is familiar with. So go there. The Marquis and Pooh of RegenAxe are hanging out up on Fin Family Moominbeach and I wish I was still there but I am down here earning a good living at a job I love and that is how it is for the moment. I had the usual crash landing but I am okay and who knows what’ll be next in life.

Everybody who has spent any time on Fin Family Moominbeach has a common dream about great lakes freighters coming in front of the island. Great lakes freighters are big! 700-1000 feet long. They are close enough to the moominbeach that we can read their names with binoculars. The boat in the photo is not a freighter, it is much too short and it has all those lights on it. It’s a passenger ship. But the edge of the island is on the right and the Pickle Finger is on the left and that boat is about to travel in front of the Pickle Finger and then make a right turn out into Whitefish Bay and Lake Superior. I have probably spent more time at the moominbeach than many and I have quite the overactive imagination and actually, I usually don’t dream about freighters coming on the beach side of the island. I usually dream about crazy shoreline changes. Islands where we don’t have islands. Rivers in strange places. Fighting wars with guns and everything on inland lakes back in the swamp. You name it.

I suppose I have probably had freighter-inside-the-island dreams, I just don’t remember them. I do have a freighter dream though. A few years ago. In the dream, I was standing in The Commander’s cabin, looking out the front picture window. A huge 750-foot type freighter with forward and aft cabins (Edmund Fitzgerald style) came screaming along through the woods, along the old road from the Don/Katie direction. Just before it hit the east picture window, it veered off toward the lake, still at a very high rate of speed. It went airborne somewhere in the woods in front of the cabin, flew over the beach, and crashed KER-SPLASH!!! into the lake, where it promptly turned onto it’s its side (hit me about that apostrophe!). My brain was screaming at me to run down there and try to rescue people (the water is *very* shallow there, if they didn’t die upon impact, they could STAND UP, fer kee-reist!) and call the Coast Guard. And then my brain woke me up!

I think I have blogged about that dream before and I would have to find it (which I am not gonna do right now) to figure out if it was prescient at all. Whether or not it was prescient, it was definitely related to an earlier incident involving a deer, Sam (dog, not archaeologist), and Piglet (best guinea pig ever). But I am done for tonight. G’night.

3 Responses to “The melody-bass polarity of shoreline dreams”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How did you make your ker-splash blink? Very clever. I love watching ships; we have lots of water in WA, so many boats and ships. It’s part of what I enjoy most about the water. (wish I lived closer)

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Did ja ever have dreams about trains going into tunnels? Hmmm….

  3. Tonya Says:

    Both my younger brother and I have spent a LOT of time as kids growing up and now as adults, too, on Camano Island (across from Whidbey Island). It used to be our grandparents’ place, and now it’s my parents’ (Mom has since died, but Dad lives there). My brother and I have had many recurring dreams over the years of military planes crash-landing in the bay right in front of our place. This is probably somewhat understandable because the Naval Air Station is located on Whidbey and we often see/hear fighter jets, but in our dreams, these were like big ol’ World War II bombers. I said to my brother, “In my dreams, I can even see numbers and letters on the fuselage.” He gave me a strange look and said, “Yeah…me, too.” So far this hasn’t even come close to being prescient, thankfully! But such eerie — and vivid — dreams!