Delete Tweet

culvertNo one was hurt.

Yes, I deleted three tweets off of Twitter last night. I had tweeted them in rather extreme, overblown anger.

Even though no one was hurt.

I have not had the best week. Absolutely no reason for having a bad week, not even the reason I tweeted the nasty tweets last night. (And then deleted them.)

No one was hurt.

What’s bugging me? The usual. I had to return to the Planet Ann Arbor last weekend from Fin Family Moominbeach and I kind of crash-landed and there was a dead rodent somewhere that we couldn’t find and this place is a cluttered mess and clutter stresses me out something awful. Something like this happens every year, you’d think I would learn the danger signs. On the other hand, work has been a blast with a Star Trek outing on Monday and an avalanche of stuff to do since then, which I like.

And yaknow, no one was hurt.

And then, last night, the GG dragged me out to the Apple Store at Briarwood Mall. I am not crazy about Briarwood Mall and I am not crazy about the Briarwood Apple Store, click here to find out why. And yes, it has improved a bit since then. There is now a genius who can operate a checkout thingie. Which was good because we were out there to buy one o’ them thar terabyte drive thingamajigs. For the 18,000 photooooos in my iPhoto, don’tcha know. But we didn’t need any help from the sales staff to buy that, we just had to make the decision. The mall was closing as we left with our latest expensive piece of electronical clutter and it was dark when we hit the freeway.

But no one was hurt.

Which was a good thing, because when we exited the freeway at an exit that I take almost every work day, at least when it isn’t snowing or something, we were about to turn into the street and, ka-whomp!

No one was hurt but I go into some kind of maniac mode when somebody hits my vee-hickle. I have been in exactly one accident in my life and that was when I was 17 and there was glare ice and it happened in front of the funeral home and you can guess what kind of thoughts ran through my parents’ minds when they happened along minutes after it happened. But no one was hurt and IT WASN’T MY FAULT! I love to drive and I would like to think that I am good at driving. I know. Everyone thinks that. But I am always very alert, I rarely use my phone in my vee-hickle (I *hate* talking on phones), and the older I get, the more patient I get. At least I’d like to think so. Some people might disagree. But I don’t get into accidents. Knock on wood. (Er, this doesn’t count the time I was sitting in the Jeep in the Commie High parking lot and the kid with the fake leg sticking out of his trunk hit me and knocked me over the parking space barrier. That was not my fault either.)

No one was hurt. But I was itching to fight with whatever stereotype I thought the driver fit. You name it. Instead, he APOLOGIZED to me. Sincerely and humbly. Even though I was not the driver, just the crazy woman in the passenger seat who was freaked out that “her” “fancy” little 6-speed manual Honda Civic SI had been bumped from behind. The woman who was not hurt in the slightest.

I dunno. I won’t say anything about the person who bumped into us. But I bet he had a worse day than I did and I spent most of today feeling remorseful about being such a you-know-what. All I can do is try harder tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Delete Tweet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t tweet, but I’ve had several ANGRY e-mails that I’ve almost sent–but then realized that I couldn’t take them back. Clutter stresses me out too; I wish I could get my family to understand this. Sorry about your accident; that would upset me too. Is your car hurt?

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I’m very glad that no one was hurt! Hopefully the inconvenience of being without a car while yours is in the shop won’t be too bad. As for the clutter, Susie is preparing to order her kitchen cabinets. Wan’t to add to the order?

  3. Uncly Uncle Says:

    What’s the damage?
    Don’t get mad, just roll with it. Remember, it’s a choice if you let it get you down. Sometimes you are just screwed, so suck it up. Glad no one was hurt.