Trashola (because you don’t wanna hear about frozen embryos)

This is not what the Back Room looks like right now. The boxes are in the Landfill Dungeon. I will be ecstatic when they go OUT the door but at this point it isn’t really my prodject.

The GG spent the morning wrangling FlaMan and the afternoon helping the UU and his young grandson remove unwanted items from his son’s house (not the father of this particular grandson). I’m sure they had a grand old time loading up yet another trailer and it was GREAT for the GG to spend some time with his great-nephew. But the whole thing made me a bit taaared just thinking about it. At this point in time, if I had my druthers I would hire somebody to move or dispose of whatever.

My preference at the moment would be Schlepper’s Haulaway. He’s a local guy who went to high school with MMCB2‘s son and she has also hired him and given him great kudos, which he also gets on good old next door neighbor. What I particularly like is that he tries to dispose of things thoughtfully. Instead of just dumping everything off at the landfill, he tries to find new homes for valuable/useful things. I’m gonna guess he makes a little cash selling stuff and that would be okay with me. This is not a commercial. Just my own thought processes.

Yer gonna hear about embryos anyway because I somehow got revved up. I don’t understand all of the science behind IVF but I am kinda standing here agog about the Alabama supreme court’s decision. Do any of these people understand anything about “science” and did they think this through? Probably not.

I mean “science” is a BIG TOPIC and I sure don’t understand it all but if I were an elected official of any sort, when faced with an issue like this, I would definitely consult people who have dedicated their careers studying the related branches of science before I cast my vote or even express an opinion. Alas I don’t think any of these folks give a crap about science even though it SHOULD drive decisions like this one. Not to mention the excruciatingly difficult individual decisions so many families make when they aren’t capable of easily conceiving and/or birthing healthy children. This is scary for our country not to mention mankind.

Disclaimer: I was not a person who had trouble conceiving or giving birth. Ready, aim, faaar, baby. Was I ready? Ha ha ha. I had to be. But I have empathy for others. My mother included, although that was way earlier than IVF technology. I was her first-born 11 years after she was married (at 22, WWII bride) and my [late, alas] brother a few years later.

2 Responses to “Trashola (because you don’t wanna hear about frozen embryos)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am shocked at the Alabama decision; it seems like we’re headed back a few centuries? I sure hope these fools don’t take advantage of modern drugs and treatments since they seem to thumb their nose (selectively) at other aspects of science.

  2. Jay Says:

    Can I claim them as my dependents on my tax return? How do they get counted in the census? And do they get to select their gender identity, since they haven’t gotten to the assigned at birth stage yet? Beyond ridiculous.